Citrix Responds: Bear Paw will not be a "Citrix-Killer"

The fact that Bear Paw will be some sort of update to Terminal Server for Windows 2003 is true.

In the past, I reported ( here, here, and here) about Microsoft's new Terminal Server update codenamed "Bear Paw." The fact that Bear Paw will be some sort of update to Terminal Server for Windows 2003 is true. However, whether it will be a "Citrix-killer" is anyone's guess. (I wrote that there have been rumors of a "Citrix-killer" and I openly questioned whether this could be it?) Shortly after I published those articles, I started to get a lot of phone calls and emails from people at Citrix categorically denying that Microsoft was working on anything that would even come close to being a Citrix-killer. Here's what they said:

  • Citrix and Microsoft have a very strategic relationship and work closely together. Microsoft is not going in the server-based computing direction, and therefore it is in Microsoft's interest to ensure that Citrix remains a strong option for supporting mobile access to 32-bit applications..
  • Citrix has guaranteed access to the Microsoft Windows source code through at least May 2005.
  • This "fire drill" of something that's going to render Citrix obsolete happens every few months, and it never pans out.
  • Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server has a lot of real value that is above and beyond Microsoft's offerings, including the web interface, Citrix Secure Gateway, application-level load balancing, and seamless windows.
  • Citrix has unique products that even further extend the core value of MetaFrame Presentation Server. These products include things like MetaFrame Secure Access Manager, MetaFrame Conferencing Manager, and Citrix Password Manager.
  • Regarding Bear Paw, all we know for sure is that Microsoft is working on an update to Terminal Server. No one knows what features it will have or whether it will even compete with MetaFrame Presentation Server.

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