Citrix Pressures Training Centers; Prohibits Independent Classes such as Mine

I am being forced to find a new location for my upcoming London Citrix design class. Citrix contacted the training company that I rented the room from and told them that they were not allowed to rent the room to me.

I am being forced to find a new location for my upcoming London Citrix design class. Citrix contacted the training company that I rented the room from and told them that they were not allowed to rent the room to me.

Citrix has a history of locking people into exclusive contracts. It seems that when a training company signs up to become a Citrix Authorized Learning Center (a “CALC”), they sign an agreement stating that the only Citrix training they will offer to the public will be Citrix Authorized Courseware.

In my case, I chose to develop and deliver my own Citrix training class. I offer the 5-day class throughout the world, and I rent out training rooms in the cities where I offer the class.

Computer training companies must be authorized by a vendor to be able to offer that vendor’s classes. Most training centers are authorized by Microsoft, Citrix, Novell, Lotus, CompTIA, etc. However, not all training rooms are used on all days, so these training centers also rent out empty rooms when not in use. This is how I get space for my classes.

My London Citrix training course was scheduled for InterQuad Learning Center in London. I use a training coordination company called Training Coordination Professionals (TCP) to find training space for me in the cities in which I want to offer my class.

TCP has a standing relationship with InterQuad, and I booked my space at InterQuad via TCP a few weeks ago. However, once InterQuad learned that the room they rented out would be used for a Citrix training class led by me, they contacted TCP and told them that I could not use their facility. InterQuad and TCP went back and forth a few times, but after speaking with Citrix for a few days, InterQuad told TCP that they could absolutely not allow this class to proceed due to a conflict of interest.

According to InterQuad, Citrix is not allowing them to host my class since it's not authorized, even though all I'm doing is renting a room from them. (My class does not show up on the InterQuand website, so I'm not exactly sure how this is a conflict for them.)

I should point out that I’ve worked with TCP for a while and they’ve been great—this has nothing to do with them. I haven’t worked with InterQuad before, although I don’t think this is their fault—they’re certainly stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think this situation exists because Citrix wants to control the messaging about their products, and they don't want independent and unathorized classes teaching anything that might not fit their official corporate message.

On a final note, my London class is almost sold out, so if you're planning on attending you should contact me to reserve your seat soon. Past students have received tremendous value from my classes, and everyone who attends will leave the class with a solid foundation for Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server—whether Citrix helps us or not.

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This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on July 28, 2004
Citrix makes CCI's sign contracts that says they will not teach Citrix classes unless they're authorised. Why would any company do that? What are they afraid of?
This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on July 29, 2004
InterQuad is a CALC and shall perform Citrix training. Your developed course compete with the Citrix' coursware and therefore InterQuad are breaking their CALC agreement. Citrix have ONE interest --- sell their official coursware! Actually they don't care about anything else... InterQuad can solve this problem by offer official coursware WITH your class. What you do when you perform your class Brian is totally up to you. BUT, you have to be a CCI.

Good luck!
This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on July 30, 2004
We deliver "authorised" CALC courses and frequently tailor courses to the needs of the end user company including Microsoft admin elements and what to do when it starts to hit the fan.. elements, I am sure you could hire our facilities in order to deliver your advanced courses....
This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on July 28, 2004
The above post is completely incorrect. As a CCI, I signed a contract that simply stated I could only teach Citrix materials in a certified training center or venue, but I could teach anything else I wanted anywhere I wanted as long as I don't represent myself as a CCI.

InterQuad as been a CALC for a very long time and does a good business in Citrix training. Yes, the CALC agreement is extremely restrictive. That is why many companies don't enter into that agreement. However, recently Citrix education is allowing non-CALCs to get authorized materials and use them at their facilities. For example, a non-CALC New Horizons in a city can get Citrix authorized materials from a "master" CALC in the NH network. This seems like a new allowance by Citrix Education.

Strangely, I am aware of a few training centers that are very high-end and very high-quality that were refused CALC status even though there were not other CALCs in their area. Also a national training company told me directly that Citrix would not sponsor their national convention because Citrix would get too many interested training centers wanting to be CALCs and Citrix had no interest in having them as CALC locations.

What is also interesting is that Alternative Technology, the large distributor of Citrix software, has not only its own locations to conduct certified training here in North America, but also has a travelling CALC and can take their classes and conduct certified training anywhere they choose. Reselling partners send their students to the class as AltTech cannot approach the customers directly. I am not sure how AltTech got this arrangement but a travelling CALC is very curious. They end up competing with existing CALCs in the same cities many times. And they end up directly in front of the customers of resellers--unaware captives for an AltTech commercial and support services.

Citrix Education has done many things over the years to keep a handle on things. That comes from the early program creators and continues today even though Citrix Education personel have come and gone many times over. Overall, I think they wish to protect the value of Citrix certification and so do I. Their new CCIA cert lab has been created to separate the men from the boys. I don't think you'll make it past this 6 hour - $1000 lab without experience consulting in the field. "Faith without works is dead . . ."

That's it. I'm out.
This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on August 16, 2004
I just don't understand. They think they are somebody don't they. The CALC training is worthless. I don't see why they want people to not know how to use there stuff but then again Mark T was the marteting guy when they had no marketing so what do we expect. Citrix needs to open their eyes if they are become a 1 billion dollar company.

This message was originally posted by Mike. on August 23, 2004
I think the Citrix education folks could learn a few things here. Having taken citrix courses for the CCEA track, I found the training books to be abstract, badly written, and worse still, prone to containing errors that should be spotted at the proof-reading stage.

I have real world Citrix experience but had hoped to tie things up with the courses. Instead I found myself referring to BM's book when I wanted to put things into context and then re-reading the courseware after the course. The lab excercises that accompany the courseware do not flow and can leave you wondering why on earth you're doing them.

When the cost of these courses is taken into consideration it's simply not on that this is the level of quality that we get. (And I passed the exams, so this is not sour grapes on the certification side!)

I think that Citrix should realise that there is reason so many people are interested in a course like the one discussed at the top of this page; The people who work with the product that need to gain new knowledge quickly need to take courses that are relevant and get to the point. Courses that start off with an abstract list of features and bullet points are not the way!
This message was originally posted by Mark Verhagen on August 25, 2004
The only thing I think Citrix is trying to achieve is to ensure that there is little to no confusion that taking a non-authorized course will get you certified. There may be people out there that take a non-authorized course, go write an exam, fail horribly and call up Citrix looking for thier money back. Now I'm not saying I believe that could happen but I bet Citrix does :)
Hello Brian,

First let me say I have your 2nd Ed. Citrix it. Very well written. I recently took the 223 exam for Presentation server. I ended up failing, which is fine because I'll study harder and pass it, eventually.

There was one question on the test that really bothered asked me:

Where would you configure Legacy Audio (for ICA I believe):
A. Citrix Connection Configuration
B. Presentation Server Console
C. Policy
D. Don't remember....

I answered A, CCC. I don't know if that was correct, because I have not been able to find ANYTHING in the Citrix software that specifically addresses legacy audio. Wouldn't that be a Windows setting?

Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
TRy Published applications - Enable Legacy Audio is in client options