Citrix Launches Access Suite v4.0, the word MetaFrame is History

Citrix announced today (with 6 press releases no less!) that they've launched version 4.

Citrix announced today (with 6 press releases no less!) that they've launched version 4.0 of the Citrix Access Suite. As rumored on here last week, the word "MetaFrame" has been removed from the suite name and all of the products' names. The suite has shrunk from four to three products, with the v4.0 suite including:

  • Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 (Conferencing Manager is now built-in to Presentation Server)
  • Citrix Access Gateway 4.0 (What was MSAM is now built in to this product too)
  • Citrix Password Manager 4.0

In general is looks like Citrix has really simplified everything while adding "real" integration in the products across the suite.

Citrix Presentation Server 4.0

I've written quite a bit about Presentation Server 4 (PS4) in the past. PS4 will include several new features, such as:

In case it's not obvious from reading this list, PS4 is a really big deal. So far takeup has been slow on PS3, mainly because its biggest new features (cross-farm licensing, more flexible inter-zone communication options, real delegated administration) were only useful in very large environments. Most felt that PS3 didn't give them enough reason to upgrade over MetaFrame XP.

I think this is not the case with PS4, since it has features that will be valuable for organizations of all sizes. I would imagine that PS4 will be very popular very quickly.

Citrix Access Gateway 4.0

As predicted, the product formerly known as MetaFrame Secure Access Manager (MSAM) is now built-in to the Secure Access Gateway. (At least partially anyway.) For $100 per user you get "standard" user access via the $2500 Access Gateway appliance. For $150 per user you get "Advanced Access Control" with full SmartAccess technology and integration with Presentation Server and Password Manager.

Password Manager 4.0

Password Manager is basically the same, although it's been more smoothly integrated with the other two products in the suite. One cool new feature is a "hot desktop" capability that's designed for situations where a lot of people share the same public client device. PM4 will cost $90 per named user or $180 per concurrent user.

So when do we get this stuff?

Citrix is saying that all three products will be available in the second quarter which ends June 30, 2005. Like with previous versions, one year of Subscription Advantage is included in all of Citrix's products.

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June 30, 3005! Blimey...Glad I got valid subscription.
If it was launched today, it SHOULD come out that if your subscription was valid when launched then it doesn't matter when they actually release the code.
... or Demo Packs or something! :)
I was just informed that May 12th is the release date.
It's really not all that exciting. Sure there's new features and additions for problems that should have been fixed in MF XP FR-1 and a reshuffle of names and bundles (again) but at the end of the day, here comes round 5 of additional customer confusion and re-education and round 4 of re-certification - so tired....

Thanks for the scoop Brian.
Did Citrix mention if CAS 4.0 and all it's components would be compatible with Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 - that would be an important thing to mention at this stage in the game and maybe a good reason to upgrade (laugh)

How about 64bit? Wait, that will probably be renamed Citrix Security Access Virtual Server Environment 5.0 on April 26th, 2006?
My guess is about "Citrix Server 9.0" (they will have dropped the "Presentation" part by then).
>>For $100 per user you get "standard" user access via the $2500 Access
>>Gateway appliance. For $150 per user you get "Advanced Access Control"
>>with full SmartAccess technology and integration with Presentation Server
>>and Password Manager.

I'm confused by this. I am wanting to purchase the appliance. Does it only include "standard" access? Can I get "advanced" through the appliance, or do I need to install CAG software on my own box? I'm looking at a new purchase for a new client currently w/out any Citrix products.
The CAG appliance is just hardware--it doesn't come with any user licenses. (This is the way it's always been.) Basically, the new deal is you can get the "classic" CAG functionality for $100 per concurrent user (the same price it's always been) or get the classic CAG functionality combined with the new version of MSAM for $150 per concurrent user.

I haven't actually gotten my hands on the new CAG software, so I don't know if there will also be a back-end MSAM-like server component.
When the NO COMPETE clause runs out between them and Micro$oft LOL
When there is actually a need for it.
I thought I saw the Citrix Access Suite Book with a "To Be released" status on Amazon (it's gone now"). Will you be mirroring your Advanced MFXP Guide for the new platforms?

not until mps4. the mps3 book was pulled because mps4 was coming out so soon. at least thats what the grapevine said.

It's interesting to note that Citrix have now confirmed in the version comparison document that the "User Density" features as the marketing guys are describing them are only going to be shipped in XPe. Certainly in the UK market, the total number of XPe users is far smaller than those on XPa, the latter of which won't get any of the new functionality. You also have to ask whether the Citrix on/off functionality is gong to be rich enough in features for those running big farms on XPe, my guess is probably not.

I suppose that this means that there's still ample room for the likes of Appsense in the market, despite what some of the doom mongers have been saying...
Was told it would be available on the 9th May.
64Bit Support will come later in the year, it will be PS4.
</rant on>May 9th, 12, June 30th? What's it going to be? I'm continuing to become concerned with Citrix's initial releases as I don't believe they 'properly' beta test their products. Seems that every first release of their products has had significant issues that prevents jumping on or upgrading to it immediately. Is there a beta test group? If so, how many people or organizations get to run through testing all the way to RTM? My guess is not enough qualified testing occurs.
The technical preview and early additions of MPS 4 don't even have some of the technology in them that they just announced - even Brian confirmed that he wasn't even aware of an addition like 'proximity printing' in this soon to be release product. When I see someone like Brian is out of the loop (slighty), I worry when I hear the product may be release as soon as next week.
Everyone has the opportunity to test all the MS products, heck, even the Service Packs from early betas through to completion. As a Platinum Citrix reseller and strong Citrix advocate, why am I in the dark, given no opportunities to assist or provide feedback for ensuring a solid finished product. Citrix' own methodology for project readiness is to test, test, test. I'm losing confidence that this product, with all it's enhancements, addons, and features wil be 100% ready for showtime regardless of when it comes out.</rant off>
You are right : I will consider release 4 as the public beta & play with it on some test servers for a while.

I guess we should now already speculate on the release date for release 4.1 with all the important hotfixes included ...
does someone as a rumor for it ?
It also looks like they are adding the ability to set a default printer via the printer configuration. I have always thought that the inability to assign a default printer via Printer Management made the whole thing useless.
It can be ordered May 12th with code available a couple of days later.
It also helps that Appsense in particular is focusing on application and profile/environment management now instead of purely on performance. I have always had trouble selling clients on over $3000 worth of software per server to improve performance 20-30% when they can just buy more boxes. Environment manager and Application Manager should be a much easier sell since the focus appears to the customer the be more on lockdown.
Just from looking at the features of Malibu that were discussed at iForum and Solutions Summit I would think that there has to be a backend server infrastructure.
There is a beta program for forward looking companies called the Early Adopter Program. Contact your citrix rep or reseller if your company is interested in getting an early look at new citrix products and helping beta test them. It is important to note however that Citrix expects most EAP members to fill out allot of surveys, bug reports, and other paperwork and wants a production deployment of the prerelease software.

You also have to realize that one of the reasons that there are always a quick set of hotfixes near launch is that there are more apps and environment variables than citrix can hope to quantify so YOU can help by getting the new products into testing ASAP and REPORTING any and all issues that you run into with full details. For instance I have one customer who is still bitching about a problem in their FR3 farm but they have never reported it to citrix or have even started testing 3.0 yet.
There are a couple of cool new intergation points with Presentation Server and other Access Suite products:

- You can now control via policies if a published application is available to a user depending on how they are accessing. (for example you can have an application available to internal users but not avaiable when they access externally).

- Workspace Control also supports policies so that applications will only reconnect based upon how the user is accessing. (i.e. Applications A and B are running on one client, but then when a user logs into another client only application B is reconnected)

- When using Access Gateway to control web application access, document links (such as in sharepoint) can be launched with a publish application (content redirection). This also works for file shares and web based email.
Couldnt agree more, they will only let you in on the beta product as a customer wanting to deploy it in prod. if you are platinum (that could probably give other typs of feedback, you can pretty much go pound sand.

All the features are in Tech Preview, just because you can't find them doesn't mean they're not there. Documentation takes time to write, and after all. it's a preview.

Proximity printing was covered in the printing session during iForum 2004, when they announced the complete re-write of the printing architecture. It wasn't given a fancy name back then, but it's in there, and it works.
The EAP Does NOT require a company to use the code in prod......
My platinum reseller has listed "CAG Connection License" along with the CAG appliance. He says it is free from Citrix through 6/30. !?!?!?????

Confused, but will report back once I'm licensed and installed. :)

I'll have the appliance in hand by next week.
ORIGINAL: thomasrayw

My platinum reseller has listed "CAG Connection License" along with the CAG appliance. He says it is free from Citrix through 6/30. !?!?!?????

Confused, but will report back once I'm licensed and installed. :)

I'll have the appliance in hand by next week.

Citrix has a promo going to issue free CAG licenses to those customers that have valid MSAM licenses (with Subscription Advantage). If you aren't a licensed customer of MSAM, you don't get free CAG licenses.

Today I found out its availability on mycitrix
So much for losing the name "Metaframe". It's still appears plain as day on the admin tool sidebar when you install 4.0. I think someone from marketing forget to meet with that developer that day!

Heck - the more I look, the word Metaframe shows up EVERYWHERE in the programs. I dont think its history yet.
Where i've found it so far:
- 4.0 admin guides
- Installation programs
- Management consoles
- Folder that holds mps.msi: MetaFrame Presentation Server

So Citrix seems to still remember the name... :P

Don't that make you laugh? it makes me!! lol!
There is scope for Citrix and AppSense. For people who want simple, on off minor performance jumps in XPe, it's there.

Now that 4.0 has been out for a while, and the "reality" is setting in, we are getting a lot more interest again. People expected that two tick boxes were going to solve everything, and it doesn't. Getting the best performance is always about tuning servers for the best performance.

For customers who really want a lot more, both in terms of management, deeper (Configurable) features as well as big jumps in performance, then they look at AppSense.

AppSense Performance Manager is actually only $1495 or 995 in Sterling, and we worked VERY hard to make it a rich, strong product. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. AppSense isn't for everyone, nor is two tick boxes.

All the best,

Stephen Voisey

Channel Manager, AppSense
Anyone thinking of using the password reset/unlock feature of Password Manager must be mad. It's a terrible product - and one that ignores Active Directory domain password group polices. Yep- it will have no configs such as password history, password complexity, password length etc. It negates any security policy. Completely barmy.