Citrix Employee Blogging Takes Off

First we asked for it. Then Mark Templeton responded and a few Citrix employees started blogging on their own.

First we asked for it. Then Mark Templeton responded and a few Citrix employees started blogging on their own. Now there is an officially sanctioned site called that holds the blogs and opinions of Citrix employees.

I’m not clear on why the homepage has no content, but if you click on the blogs tab you’ll get to the good stuff. In addition to hosting content for people who blog there, also aggregates the blogs of Citrix employees that appear elsewhere on the web. (i.e. There’s no need to check all the individual Citrix employee blog sites, as rolls them all up into a single list.)

There are almost 100 posts from a few dozen authors so far. If you follow this industry, you definitely want to add the site's RSS feed to your reader. Why? Because this is the space that Citrix employees use to write about what's on their mind. Topics so far have ranged from anecdotes from customer meetings to changes in the Longhorn days to the history of Citrix.

Some of the bloggers have openly wondered about the value of the blog if no one is reading. In this web world, content is king. Once the content is there, the visitors will come. Personally I'll continue to read all of these blogs and post comments (and articles here if I really have a lot to say). Again, I cannot stress enough that anyone whose career is centered around Citrix needs to be reading this stuff. I would imagine that Citrix will end up having several hundred bloggers in the next year or so.

Here's to hoping that Citrix employees keep it coming, and that Citrix executives let them speak!

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Thanks for the post on   We just brought the site up a few weeks ago, and it really seems to be taking off.  We'll be talking it up at iForum so even more customers should discover it soon.
We're planning some updates to the home page, which is at this point basically structured around what Commerce Server provides out of the box (we wanted to get the site up and get started, and iterate from there).  I guess everything has it's v1 limitations!
Thanks for your energy, passion and enthusiasm.  You're definitely one of the spark plugs that drives our industry.
See you at iForum!
Rick Braddy
I think you mean "Community Server," not "Commerce Server." ...Of course at Citrix, commerce is much more important than community, so I guess we can forgive the error.

Sorry.. couldn't resist!