Citrix CEO Mark Templeton says Citrix is not planning to lead with open MAM standards

Don't expect Citrix to follow VMware in pushing for industry-wide MAM standards.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Don't expect Citrix to follow VMware in pushing for industry-wide MAM standards.

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton discussed the issue of mobile application management (MAM) standards during a Q&A session with media and analysts today at Synergy 2013. Citrix's focus is on providing the best overall user experience, and MAM is just a part of that, he said.

"If standards evolve ... we'll follow those standards," Templeton said. "We're not a fighter of standards, but at the same time, we're focused on what the customer needs."

VMware CTO Scott Davis said earlier this month that his company may lead the charge to create industry-wide MAM standards, which may make it easier for mobile developers to make their apps available on multiple MAM platforms.

Citrix seems to be taking a different approach with its new XenMobile product. Under XenMobile's SDK, developers only have to add one line of code to their software, which in theory will attract more apps to the platform and eliminate some of the interoperability problems that standards aim to address. Eighty apps are already available through XenMobile's App Gallery.

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It's funny how Templeton talks about how great open is for segments of the industry that they're not #1 in, but here if they think they have a good product, they don't want to be open at all. :(


Oh, and Scott Davis saying that VMware will lead the charge to create open MAM standards? You mean after Mobile Iron said they want to do this and Jack wrote about the idea months ago? I think Scott means that VMware will "join," not "lead."


I couldn't see a few segments of the video as Chrome or the video stream flaked out on me but it seemed that Citrix was going a step further and implementing Mobile Information Management as well by keeping company data within Sharefile and restricting the clipboard, etc?  How do BlackBerry and VMware handle MIM?  

I'm new to this space but searching for a way to tie various cloud services at my University together.

The more I read and experience first hand, the more it seems the various vendors are against standards or sabotage them in some way just to thumb their nose at their rivals or just carelessness.

 In 5 years the cloud wars will die down and everyone will integrate into whoever remains standing.  Like Adobe should license their stuff to Google or Microsoft cloud services but still collect a fee for anyone using their premium cloud app addins.

Perhaps Samdroid will take over as the Windows OS of the phone world and we'll finally have a "MAM Standard" finally.


I don't know if you'd call what XenMobile does MIM. It does limit where information can go, but it does so through policies applied at the app level, not at the information level. For what it's worth, I don't think that distinction is important, as long as the data is protected.