Check out the list of sessions we selected for BriForum 2014 Boston (July 21-23)!

What follows is the session listing for BriForum Boston (July 21-23) and is the result of several days worth of deliberations.

As we did last year, we chose the sessions for BriForum London and BriForum Boston at the same time. What follows is the session listing for BriForum Boston (July 21-23) and is the result of several days worth of deliberations. If you don't know from past years, the process to select sessions begins with an anonymous first pass made by Brian, Jack, and myself. We each choose sessions we want for sure, might want, and don't want based on title and abstract alone, then compare our results.

After the first pass we had 133 sessions that at least one of us said we for sure wanted at the show, and we had to whittle that number down to 55. We do that by looking at speakers and topics. For instance, this year we had many sessions submitted about PowerShell, SCCM, and App-V, but were forced to only pick a few in order to save room for other sessions. When we finished, we had to turn away over 2/3 of the submissions, 78 of which we would have classified as having a "good chance" of making it! It sucks, because this process is like cutting hard-working kids from a football team, but it's a good problem to have in terms of content. We don't take the selection process lightly–we very much appreciate the time and energy everyone spent creating submissions, and we encourage every single one of them to do so again next year!

Also, since we record every session and make the videos available to attendees as soon as we can after the show is over, we make an effort to have each show be as unique as possible. There will be some key sessions duplicated between London and Boston, but for the most part these sessions are unique to Boston. (You can see the sessions for BriForum London here.)

Here's the list of sessions. Keep in mind, titles may change to be more descriptive, but the content of the sessions won't. Also note that there will be sessions from Brian, Jack, and I that aren't on this list mainly because we tailor our sessions based on the other content at a show. We also have one session that is being held back because the speaker is not yet allowed to talk publicly about it. For more information on BriForum (it's our ten-year anniversary!!!), visit We should have session descriptions posted shortly.


Session Title

Aaron Parker & Shawn Bass

How folder redirection impacts user experience and breaks applications

Aaron Parker

Hands off my gold image!

Andy Paul

Where to stick it: VDI Storage Considerations

Andy Paul

DIY DaaS: Creating your own Desktop as a Service

Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass

New test results - virtual desktop performance on HTML5 clients

Benny Tritsch

RemoteApp 101: delivering seamless remote applications

Brian Katz

OK, We're mobile, now what?

Carl Webster

A Deep Dive into Webster's PowerShell Documentation Scripts

Chetan Venkatesh

Coming Storage Apocalypse : What’s after the big bust and how it will change your VDI and other applications.

Chetan Venkatesh

Building HAL - the journey to a true artificial intelligence (AI) - what it takes and how we will get there.

Claudio Rodrigues

SBC Round Up 2014. An overview of many of the RDS/SBC add-ons and how they stack up.

Claudio Rodrigues

RDS-O-Matic: From Excel to a full RDS 2012 environment in one click.

Dan Allen & Nick Rintalan

VDI High Availability and Why Persistent Desktops are the Devil!!!

Dan Brinkmann

IdP, SAML, OAuth - new acronyms for a cloud world

Dan Shappir

Google Chromebook for the Enterprise: Yeah or Meh?

Dan Shappir

WebSockets Everywhere: the Future Transport Protocol for Everything

Dane Young, Jarian Gibson & Shane Kleinart

Battle of the Private Clouds: An Independent View of VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix Solutions

David Stafford

Solving the "Data Ingestion" problem

Denis Gundarev

How to build a Citrix Infrastructure in Amazon Cloud

Dwayne Lessner & Steve Poirtras

VMware View vs Microsoft RDS -  The Land of Good Enough

Dwayne Lessner

Advanced Graphics and Audio with VMware View

Henrik Johansson

Showdown: AWS vs Azure for desktop delivery

Henrik Johansson

Unleashing the power of NetScaler

Ian Parker

Automated performance analysis of SBC workloads.

Ian Parker

Crash debugging for beginners

Jason Conger & Warren Simondson

Build Your Own Enterprise Mobile Application: It isn't as hard as You Might Think

Jim Moyle

Replace Your SAN! How the New Storage Improvements in Microsoft Hyper-V Help Your Desktop Virtualization Project

Jo Harder

Maximizing Monitoring Data from Built-In Citrix Tools

Joe Shonk

Intro to Microsoft Hyper-V over SMB 3.

John Whaley

Virtual Datacenter Infection: Attacking VDI from the endpoint

Kevin Goodman

Intro to VDI

Kevin Kaminski & Nicke Kallen

The Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Application Model in Painful Detail

Mark Knouse

Virtual Rescue: Saving IT and the Enterprise from VDI Disasters

Matt Conover

Dealing with Realities of Malware in Virtual Environments (Dr Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Malware)

Michael Thomason

Automation Workflow in the Datacenter

Mike Nelson

A Crash Course in Hyper-V for VMware Administrators - 2014 Edition!

Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen

Profile Madness: Roaming, MS UEV, AppSense, UPM – WTF Should I do???

Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen

The Worst Citrix and Microsoft "Best Practices" of All Time

Pierre Marmignon

Back to Enterprise Desktops Reality: VDI, EMM, MD, BYOD are overrated! Most of the desktops are good old physical one and nobody cares about them!

Randy Groves

Deep Dive into PCoIP

Richard Agnew

Strategies to Optimize Your VDI O/S Gold Images

Rick Dehlinger

Orchestrating Cloud Hosted Desktops - the Citrix way...?

Rory Monaghan & Ryan Will

Sequencing for Success

Rory Monaghan

You're paying for MDOP anyway…make the most of it.

Ruben Spruijt & Jeroen van de Kamp

Direct from the performance labs: best practices for VDI, a Virtual Reality Check

Ruben Spruijt & Jeroen van de Kamp

CTO's Perspective on Tomorrow's Workspace

Shane Kleinert & Jarian Gibson

Desktop Virtualization Monitoring Bake-Off Part 2. Updates and More!

Shawn Bass

High Definition eXperience (HDX) or Have no iDea eXperience (HDX)?

Steve Greenberg & Jared Cowart

Anatomy of an Aerospace VDI Project: How to implement a Large Scale VDI 3D GPU Project

Thorsten Rood

The Citrix mobility stack uncovered

Tim Mangan & Patrick Mangan

A Look at App-V Performance

Yury Magalif

Tips and Tricks on building agentless Antivirus scanners for Virtual Desktops.



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