Check out the list of sessions that we selected for BriForum 2014 London (May 20-21)!

Last week we wrapped up selecting sessions for BriForum London (20-21 May, 2014), and what follows is a list of the sessions that we accepted! I want to stress how incredibly difficult it is to choose sessions for a show.

Last week we wrapped up selecting sessions for BriForum London (20-21 May, 2014), and what follows is a list of the sessions that we accepted! I want to stress how incredibly difficult it is to choose sessions for a show. We had over 175 sessions submitted (a record for us!), which meant that for London we couldn't select 85% of the sessions. The selection process is an iterative one, where we take successive passes until we get the number down that we need. After our first pass, there were still 133 sessions in the mix! The first pass we take is blind, where we only look at the titles and abstracts. After that we start looking at speakers, and topic distribution between shows. Though it's an exhausting process, we greatly appreciate the situation of having too many great sessions to pick from as opposed to the alternative.

Also, since we record every session and make the videos available to attendees as soon as we can after the show is over, we make an effort to have each show be as unique as possible. There will be some key sessions duplicated between London and Boston, but for the most part these sessions are unique to London. (You can see the sessions for BriForum Boston here.)

Here's the list of sessions. Keep in mind, titles may change to be more descriptive, but the content of the sessions won't. Also note that there will be sessions from Brian, Jack, and I that aren't on this list mainly because we tailor our sessions based on the other content at a show. For more information on BriForum (it's our ten-year anniversary!!!), visit We should have session descriptions posted shortly.


Session Title

Adnan Hendricks

Virtualizing the User Workspace

Adnan Hendricks

Death to XP! Deploying the new desktop OS Windows 8.1

Andrew Morgan & Shawn Bass

Thin Clients, avoid the pitfalls and make the important decisions first.

Benny Tritsch & Nico Luedemann

Delivering seamless remote applications - Citrix Published Applications versus Microsoft RemoteApp

Daniel Bolton & Jim Moyle

The Mirage desktop: Or why we abandoned VDI and went back to physical desktops

Denis Gundarev

Citrix Internals: ICA connectivity

Denis Gundarev

SAML and other types of federation for your Enterprise

Erik Ableson & Vincent Branger

VDI Storage optimization: software vs hardware debate

Graeme Bailey

How to get to the root cause of a problem, quickly!

Helge Klein & Shawn Bass

How folder redirection impacts user experience and breaks applications

Helge Klein

XenDesktop 7 Sizing for Dummies

Ian Parker

Automated performance analysis of SBC workloads.

Jeff Wouters

PowerShell's Desired State Configuration

Jim Moyle

Replace Your SAN! How the New Storage Improvements in Microsoft Hyper-V Help Your Desktop Virtualization Project

Kenny Buntinx

Configmgr 2012 R2 and Intune: Setup and deployment Notes from the field with a focus on Single Sign on (ADFS).

Mike Nelson

A Crash Course in Hyper-V for VMware Administrators–2014 Edition!

Mike Nelson

Automating vSphere Internals with PowerCLI & Orchestrator

Peter Sterk & Ruben Spruijt

Enterprise Mobility Management SmackDown: The 2014 Edition

Pierre Marmignon & Shawn Bass

Best Practices in SBC / VDI environments (Part Three): Optimize login & response times!

Rick Dehlinger

Orchestrating Cloud Hosted Desktops - the Citrix way...?

Ruben Spruijt & Jeroen van de Kamp

CTO's Perspective on Tomorrow's Workspace

Ryan Bijkerk & Ruben Spruijt

Project Virtual Reality Check: Microsoft App-V 5 Performance, Tuning, and Optimization (App-V PTO)

Shawn Bass & Benny Tritsch

New test results - hardware-accelerated high-end graphics performance in virtual desktops

Thomas Poppelgaard & Magnar Johnsen

How to be successful with GPU in Virtualization

Thorsten Rood

The Citrix mobility stack: uncovered

Tim Mangan

In Depth Debugging with App-V

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