Check out the list of sessions for BriForum London 2015 (19-20 May)!

Last week we wrapped up selecting sessions for BriForum London (19-20 May), and what follows is a list of the sessions that we accepted! I want to stress how incredibly difficult it is to choose sessions for a show.

Last week we wrapped up selecting sessions for BriForum London (19-20 May), and what follows is a list of the sessions that we accepted! I want to stress how incredibly difficult it is to choose sessions for a show. We had a record 192 sessions to choose from, which meant that for London we could only select 15% of the submitted sessions! The selection process is an iterative one, where we take successive passes until we get the number down that we need. After our first pass, there were still 101 sessions in the mix! The first pass we take is blind, where we only look at the titles and abstracts. After that we start looking at speakers, and topic distribution between shows. Though it's an exhausting process, we take it very seriously and are extremely grateful for the energy and effort that people put into their submissions.

We try to have unique content at each show (London and Denver this year), so we record every session and post the videos within a few weeks after the conference ends. Attendees of one show have access to the videos of both shows, so if you attend London, you'll have access to the 55+ session in Denver in addition to the 28 from London.

You can see the list of BriForum Denver 2015 sessions here.

Here's the list of sessions. Keep in mind, titles may change to be more descriptive, but the content of the sessions won't. Also note that there will be sessions from Brian, Jack, and I that aren't on this list mainly because we tailor our sessions based on the other content at a show. For more information on BriForum, visit We should have session descriptions posted shortly.

Your Name Title of your Session
James Rankin Know your enemies - analysis of applications for virtualization projects
Adnan Hendricks Windows Rebooted! Why you should move to Windows 10 and its ecosystem.

Barry Coombs & Andy Wood

EUC isn't  all about the technology!
Benny Tritsch Lego for Geeks: Hardware Building Blocks for Great VDI Test Labs
Dan Allen ICA Protocol Confusion - HDX, DCR, H.264, Framehawk, Compatibility Encoder, Legacy Mode, WTF is going on with ICA?
Dane Young & Thomas Poppelgaard The Anatomy of a High Performance, GPU Enabled Virtual Desktop
Daniel Bolton & Andy Wood Layers Layers Blar Blar – UniDesk Vs VMware, Which One?
David Stafford I, For One, Welcome our New Enterprise Consumer Overlords
Freek Berson & Benny Tritsch Unfolding the Azure RemoteApp Magic!
Helge Klein How Group Policy Impacts Logon Performance
Helge Klein Dissecting the XenApp/XenDesktop Logon Process
Ian Parker Advanced Performance Analysis:  Moving beyond Perfmon and the basics.
Ian Parker What to do when things break:  Tools you need to know to resolve critical events faster and more efficiently.
Jarian Gibson & Andy Morgan Tech Bake-off Reloaded: An Independent Review of Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon View
Jarian Gibson & Dane Young What Can Citrix Workspace Cloud Do for You?
Jeff Wouters PowerShell Remoting – Manage your (customer) environment from your own laptop
Kees Baggerman & Andy Morgan The community driven Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser; How to do image optimisation the right way
Kevin Goodman How To Make Windows PowerShell Sit Up and Beg: The essential tutorial for creating scripts that control all aspects of your desktop and server farm.
Mitja Bezensek Hacking Horizon View
Peter Daalmans & Kenny Buntinx How to get started with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
Ruben Spruijt, Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass From the fire hose series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown
Dan Shappir Predicting the Future of Windows, or Lack Thereof
Shawn Bass Cloud Data Security:  Separating fact from fiction
Thorsten Rood XenMobile 10 deep dive demo with notes from the field
Tim Mangan The App Whisperer (Virtually)
Tim Mangan 4, 3, 2, 1, Liftoff!  How Processes Become Virtualized


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