Check out the list of sessions for BriForum Denver 2015 (July 20-22)!

After a two month Call for Papers process, we can finally announce the sessions for BriForum Denver 2015 (July 20-22)

After a two month Call for Papers process, we can finally announce the sessions for BriForum Denver 2015 (July 20-22)! What follows is the result of a week's worth of deliberations and many hard decisions. We had to choose from over 190 submissions (which is at or near a record!). If you don't know from past years, the process to select sessions begins with an anonymous first pass made by Brian, Jack, and myself. We each choose sessions we want for sure, might want, and don't want based on title and abstract alone, then compare our results.

After the first pass we had 101 sessions that at least one of us said we for sure wanted at the show, from which we had to select 55 for Denver and 28 for London. We do that by looking at speakers and topics. For instance, this year we had many sessions submitted about PowerShell, Intune, and DaaS, but were forced to only pick a few in order to save room for other sessions. When we finished, we had to turn away over 2/3 of the submissions, 50 of which we would have classified as having a "good chance" of making it! It's challenging, because we know people put a lot effort into these submissions. It's a good problem to have on one hand, but on the other it means that many people that we've come to know as friends aren't invited to speak. We don't take the selection process lightly, and we very much appreciate the time and energy everyone spent creating submissions, and we encourage every single one of them to do so again next year!

In order to have as many unique sessions as possible in the slots that we have available (83 between Denver and London), we try not to duplicate too many sessions between shows. Because of that, we record every session and make the videos available to attendees of both shows as soon as we can after the show is over, so if you see a session you like in London that isn't in Denver, you'll still be able to view it online.

You can see the list of sessions at BriForum London 2015 here.

Here's the list of sessions. Keep in mind, titles may change to be more descriptive, but the content of the sessions won't. Also note that there will be sessions from Brian, Jack, and I that aren't on this list mainly because we tailor our sessions based on the other content at a show. We also have lightning round sessions listed at the end. Full session description should be posted on in the next week or so.

Speaker Name(s) Session Title
Aaron Parker & Shawn Bass I've got 99 problems and folder redirection is every one of them
Adam Platt One Server to Rule Them All - How to Use PowerShell Desired State Configuration to Automate Your Environment
Andy Milford The Hidden Benefits of RDP 8.0 on Windows Server 2012 - Finally, Client Connection Metrics Come to Pure Remote Desktop Services
Andy Paul Designing your Citrix XenApp 7.6 Solutions: A-Z
Benny Tritsch Lego for Geeks: Hardware Building Blocks for Great VDI Test Labs
Benny Tritsch Computer Graphics and Multimedia: A Survival Guide for IT Pros
Brian Katz I've rolled out EMM, what now? (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MAM )
Christoph Hammer Low-Level Print Analysis: A Deep Dive Into Windows Printing
Claudio Rodrigues NetScaler for Dummies. Everything you need to know to.
Dan Allen & Nick Rintalan Maximizing Scalability! Understanding and optimizing the scalability of VDI and RDS!!!
Mike Nelson AWS AppStream vs Azure RemoteApp: A technical comparison of two remote application platforms
Dane Young The sky's the limit with HP Moonshot and Citrix WorkspacePod!
Darwin Sanoy Windows Packagers Forecast: DevOps Winds Are Blowing
David Stafford I, For One, Welcome our New Enterprise Consumer Overlords
Denis Gundarev Citrix Internals: Storefront
Denis Gundarev How to encrypt everything that moves and keep it usable
Drew Walz Can't fix your application issue?  Try to break it instead!
Earl Gay EUC Layering – Comparing & Contrasting the Options
Greg Shields Automating RDS Deployment and Scaling with VMM Service Templates
Ian Parker VMware Horizon performance
Ian Parker Getting the most out of the Sysinternals tools.
Jarian Gibson & Shane Kleinert Tech Bake-off Reloaded: An Independent Review of Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon View
Jarian Gibson & Dane Young What Can Citrix Workspace Cloud Do for You?
Jason Conger Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Smackdown
Joe Shonk The Internet of Things (IOT)!  Why it Matters and Why You Should Care.
Joe Shonk Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 Second Edition
Kenneth Fingerlos vSGA, vDGA, vGPU, and Software - When and Why
Simon May Why your approach to BYOD stinks
Kevin Goodman A Hands on Analysis of AWS vs. Azure for System Administrators and Testers
Kevin Goodman How To Make Windows PowerShell Sit Up and Beg: The essential tutorial for creating scripts that control all aspects of your desktop and server farm.
Kevin Kaminski & Nicke Kallen Configuration Manager 2012: Is this how we make a user-centric experience or are we still managing devices?
Matt Heller Browser Management 101+ - How Web Browsers Work, and Why Managing Them is a Problem
Michael Thomason VDI Version 2: Creating an experience so superior users will think they are running on a physical desktop!

Mike Nelson & John Smith

The Packet Games - Analytics & Troubleshooting On The Wire
Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen Worst Citrix and MSFT Best Practices of all time (v2.0)
Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen Pods, Blocks, HCI, UCI...WTF?  Making sense of all the convergence hype.
Peter Daalmans Master your Mac OS X Operating System with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 
Randy Groves & TJ Vatsa How to avoid common mistakes and implement best practices in VMware Horizon and PCoIP deployments
Randy Groves What does it take to get a good remote experience on today's Wi-Fi and Cellular networks?
Richard K. Agnew Strategies to Optimize Your VDI OS Gold Images
Rory Monaghan Application Virtualization: Best in Show
Ruben Spruijt, Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass From the fire hose series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown
Ruben Spruijt & Jeroen van de Kamp CTO's Perspective on Workspace 2020
Ryan Will & Drew Waltz Sequence Like a Boss
Shawn Bass You feeling strong, my friend?  Say Docker one more time!
Shawn Bass Cloud Data Security:  Separating fact from fiction
Steve Greenberg Storage Virtualization: What it is, Where/How to use it and why most of what you hear about it is wrong
Theresa Miller Be a XenDesktop Rockstar!  Everything YOU need to know about Implementing, Administering and Troubleshooting XenDesktop 7.6
Tim Mangan 4, 3, 2, 1, Liftoff!  How Processes Become Virtualized
Tim Mangan The App Whisperer (Virtually)
Tristan Scott New insights and advanced deployment tips for Azure RemoteApp, directly from the Microsoft engineering team
Zach Hughes The #SurfaceChallenge: I took away my executives' iPads and laptops, gave them Surface Pro 3's, and lived to tell about it.

Lightning Rounds

Speaker Name Session Title
Tim Mangan App Virt, UEM, and User Disk Layering
Ryan Goodson When the Cloud Doesn't Work Out: Challenges of Moving an App to AWS...and Back
Ryan Revord How Individual SBC/VDI Optimizations Impact on Your Environment
Jack Madden Jack's 15-Minute Intro to SSO

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