Check out the latest version of MyIT, BMC’s help desk interface for consumerization done right!

Today BMC Software is announcing the 2.0 release of MyIT, a consumerization- and mobile-friendly front end for their IT service management products.

Today BMC Software is announcing the 2.0 release of MyIT, a consumerization- and mobile-friendly front end for their IT service management products. After getting a good look at the demo I was quite impressed, and I think it’s one of the better examples of how to “do consumerization.”

We all know that spending time with old-school help desk software, your IT service portal, or intranet is a horrible experience. You have to be on a VPN, you can never find what you’re looking for, or it’s just ridiculously annoying to use: “What, I have to downloading a Word document to read this internal blog post? Forget that!” It’s these types of frustrating IT experiences that everybody has been railing against for the last few years. “Remove friction between the IT department and users!” the bloggers have been saying. That’s great in concept, but wait... how do we actually do that?

I’ve seen my fair share of apps that promise to revolutionize and consumerize some experience or another just by repacking a previous web interface into a mobile app. While making it possible to use something from a mobile device is a huge first step, that’s only half of the battle. If a sleek new interface just has all the same old buttons and options, then the value is limited. Same stuff, different bottle...


With this in mind, you can imaging that when BMC was pitching their MyIT announcement, I was a bit skeptical. But like I said, after getting a demo and talking with BMC’s Jason Frye, I went away with a feeling that this was a good example of all that “let’s change the way IT interacts with users” stuff that all us bloggers have been talking about for the last few years.

So what’s MyIT? Basically, it takes your help desk front end, corporate directory, intranet, and other services and combines them into a UI that can best be described as being a lot like the current Facebook news feed. There’s a rich web app, along with native apps for iOS and Android.

There are a range of things you can do:

  • First, a lot of basic IT requests and help desk tickets can be submitted just by making a short post on the central news feed. You can tag people, it will auto fill hashtags for common tasks, you can include location—essentially it’s all the common social networking stuff, except that it all gets sent back to the help desk. So think of how you might post on a company’s Facebook page or tweet at them instead of calling a customer service hotline. Now imagine do that for IT service requests. Awesome, right?
  • For more complex tasks, they’re working to simplify the forms, and still, it’s a far more modern web experience than so many other products.
  • You can also monitor the status of services (so no more getting all those emails about scheduled downtime for internal applications you don’t even use). The mobile apps can send you push notifications about this stuff, too.
  • MyIT functions as corporate directory, and you can set up user groups.
  • It can also hook into SharePoint.
  • There’s also an internal app store called AppZone. (AppZone 2.0 is also part of today’s announcement.)

On the back end, all of this gets translated so that it can hook into BMC’s existing Remedy and RemedyForce products. So while this may be a big change for end users, a lot of your existing IT workflows can stay the same. All of the MyIT features have APIs, so you can also hook them into other systems, or use it on top of other vendors’ service solutions. Of course all that will take a lot more work, but at least that flexibility exists.

Clearly BMC has put a lot of consideration into MyIT, and it looks like a product I’d happy to use.

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