Check out the 63 BriForum session submissions so far. (Updated)

Planning is well underway for our 19th and 20th BriForum

(UPDATE Feb 15th: We've updated this post to contain the additional 22 sessions that came in over the past week. There's still time to get your session in. Deadline is Friday Feb 19th!)

Planning is well underway for our 19th and 20th BriForum conferences, with BriForum 2016 London taking place from May 19-20, and BriForum 2016 Boston taking place from July 26-28.

If you don’t know what BriForum is, it’s our vendor-neutral, highly-techincal geek gathering focusing on desktop virtualization, enterprise end user computing, and enterprise mobility management. We recently released all the videos from our two BriForum 2015 conferences, so check those out here. (Almost 100 hours of videos from the top technical minds in the world, all free!)

BriForum is a community-driven event, and anyone is able to speak. If you’d like to present at one (or both) of our BriForum 2016 events, details about our call for papers process are here. Unlike other industry conferences, if you’re selected to speak at BriForum, we’ll pay for your airfare, hotel, and (of course) your conference admission. (Even people who work at vendors are allowed to submit sessions, though if you work at a vendor you’re not allowed to submit a session about the products your company makes.)

We have two more weeks left before our call for papers deadline which is FRIDAY, February 19th. Here are the titles of all the sessions we’ve received so far, so if you’re thinking about submitting a session, this might give you an idea of the kinds of things that are still needed.

To be clear, not all of these sessions will be at BriForum 2016, these are just the submissions we’ve received so far, and we’ll pick the sessions from this list. So if you want to speak, check out out our rules and details and get your submission in by the end of next week!

  • (re)Designing Your Active Directory
  • #VDILIKEAPRO: Your ultimate VDI & Windows 10 Tuning Guide you simply cannot afford to miss
  • A Business Guy's View of IT
  • Active Directory for the Everyday Admin
  • Application Layering: How it works, where to use it, and where it's going
  • Application Layering: The Why, How and Who.
  • Automating a Citrix NetScaler deployment & configuration with PowerShell
  • Azure RemoteApp Past, Present & Future: Technical Deep Dive
  • Build an RDSH app and desktop virtualization environment in Amazon AWS
  • Building a reliable NetScaler SDX stack for service providers and enterprise customers
  • BYOS : Bring your own stick
  • Can your users become a Domain admin in 5 minutes?
  • Citrix StoreFront and Gateway demystified, the ITpro 2016 edition
  • ConfigMgr as a service? Say what?
  • CTOs Perspective on the Workspace in 2020
  • DaaS in 2016: What panned out, what didn't, and how to succeed
  • Deploy Mac OS X OS with SCCM–Wait what?
  • Developing integrated storage products for VMware; different approaches and lessons learned
  • Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management - it's endless!
  • EUC Storytime: The Hermit, the Database, and the Mixed Workload
  • How can Azure Active Directory help me in keeping control of my users?
  • How Happy is a Happy User: Practical Tips On Quantifying User Experience
  • ICA / HDX Across the Wire(less)
  • Improve Your Application Troubleshooting Skills
  • Inside the OS:  Windows 10 Edition
  • Intune, ConfigMgr, or both? Choose the right tool for the job to manage Windows 10!
  • Journey into Citrix Monitoring Updates, Integration, & Customization
  • Life on the bleeding edge - lessons learned from (possibly) the world's first Windows 10 deployment
  • Make Powershell Your Bitch
  • Make Your Life Easier: Save Time and Effort by Automating VMware Horizon
  • Manage those unmanaged Apple devices with ConfigMgr and Microsoft Intune
  • Manage your XenDesktop environment from the ConfigMgr Console
  • Managing the Modern User Experience in a Hybrid World
  • Microsoft Application Containers For Geeks
  • Modern Desktop Management: Revenge of the Killer (Web) Apps
  • Optimizing Windows 10 for VDI - What Works and What Doesn't
  • Printing and Other Perplexing Peripherals
  • Protocol and Resolution Impact on Bandwidth and Scalability
  • Pump Up Your Docker Containers for Windows Server 2016 Knowledge
  • SDDC: Real-life journey from idea to practice
  • SDDC for flexible and secure DaaS solution
  • Secure your data and apps with the Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Securing your mobile devices is the least of your worries! - The Desktop is under attack and Windows 10 can help
  • Storage: The Final Frontier
  • Storage 2016: A Tale of Innovation and Massive Disruption
  • Storage Virtualization 2016: The Straight Facts
  • Stuck on a legacy stack? Why OpenStack will make you rethink VMware or Citrix for VDI
  • - From the fire hose series: Graphics for Virtual Desktops and Apps, 2016 edition
  • The Best Kept Secret in Application Delivery: Application Jukebox
  • The contractor BYOD conundrum: How BYOD needs to change and adapt for the gig economy
  • The Force (of the Cloud) Awakens  - Building RDSH Environment in Microsoft Azure
  • The Future of Client Operating Systems: An Extremely Opinionated Debate
  • The Future of Computing: 2016
  • The Future of End User Computing
  • The Secret Sauce for Implementing Outlook with Acceptable Performance within Desktop Virtualization
  • Using Guerrilla Warfare Tactics to Secure Vulnerable Systems
  • UX and the Enterprise Desktop - Like Oil and Water
  • What's all this talk about containers?
  • What's killing my XenApp servers? The impact of the web on performance, security and reliability
  • Why is Enterprise Mobility still stuck at email?
  • Why web browsing is killing VDI performance and costing you big $$$!
  • Windows and Office Activation in VDI World: The Definitive Guide
  • XenMobile Enterprise demystified, notes from the field: 2016 edition

Want to attend? Registration is now open!

If you’d like to attend either BriForum 2016 conference, registration is now open with “early bird” pricing. BriForum London “early bird” pricing valid through next week at a rate of £700 (with a £150 discount for alumni attendees). BriForum Boston registration is live for $995 with a $200 discount for alumni attendees.

Attendees of either conference get immediate access to all the videos from both conferences as soon as they’re available (usually 1-2 weeks afterwards).

I hope to see you there! Come see why people who attend BriForum come back year-after-year, for the most honest, in-the-trenches, tell-it-like-it-is technical conference in our space!

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