Check out quick videos from each BriForum London 2016 sponsor

We stopped by each sponsor at BriForum London 2016 for a quick 30-second conversation.

At BriForum London 2016, we had a nice mix of sponsors. Some we've heard of, while others were new to us. To help get the word out about the companies and messages at BriForum, we recorded quick introduction videos with each of them and have posted them here. This is a playlist, so click in the upper left corner to select from the following list of vendors:

  • 10ZiG
  • Advanced Installer
  • Citrix
  • Cloudhouse
  • ControlUp
  • Dell
  • Liquidware Labs
  • Numecent
  • Unidesk
  • UniPrint
  • VMware

We'll have even more videos from BriForum Boston 2016, which takes place July 26-28, 2016 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA. If you attend, you also get access to videos from each session at both BriForums in 2016 (and, of course, access to all these great sponsors!).

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Love this type of videos at a conference, let you know about the products before you attend :)