Check out all the consumerization and mobility sessions at BriForum 2012 in Chicago, July 24-26

The full list of BriForum 2012 Chicago sessions is posted today over at, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight all of the great consumerization and mobile sessions that were selected.

The full list of BriForum 2012 Chicago sessions is posted today over at, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight all of the great consumerization and mobile sessions that were selected.

For those of you that are unfamaliar with BriForum, in the past it has primarily been a desktop virtualization-related conference. Now that IT is tasked with dealing with consumerization, FUIT, and delivering the enterprise to non-Windows devices, BriForum is including all of those subjects, too. The consumerization, FUIT, and mobile sessions are listed below.

I still have to add my session to the list, and I have the privilege of being able to wait to decide what the subject of my session will be. Right now I'm open for suggestions on areas not covered by other sessions or just subjects that attendees want to hear more about.

Overall, there's a lot of great content to look forward to!

BriForum 2012 Chicago is July 24-26 at the McCormick Place Convention Center, and registration details can be found here.


Name Title Description (full abstract will be on
Brian Katz I need a mobile strategy too? This session will take a 20,000 foot view of what makes up a mobile strategy, including MDM, MAM, & MIM (and the holes that each vendor leaves that needs to be filled) as well as how they approach security. You should walk out of this session with an idea on how to move forward with mobile device in your company.
Claudio Rodrigues BYOD: Your complete DIY Kit In this session we will review the main points to have a sucessfull BYOD implementation, discussing the four pillars where BYOD stand and going one step further, providing attendees with a full Ready Assessment Kit and documentation templates to be used on their own BYOD programs.
Dan Brinkmann 20-minute Lightning Round Session: The Tools I Use Technology is moving at an ever increasing pace and in order to keep up we either have to sleep less or be more efficient. My job as a consultant is to know everything about everything before it happens as well as distribute this information to my customers as well as other consultants I work with. This session will cover the tools I use to consolidate, consume, channel, and create data. Like most I'm a 3 device person and I'll cover the applications I use (and why) that help me do my job as efficiently as possible from any device I'm using.
Dan Shappir HTML5: The New Application Platform HTML5 is the new platform for application and service development, and is gaining traction fast. Many ISVs choose to develop new applications as HTML5 web applications rather than as native Windows applications, or even instead of mobile apps. In this session, Dan Shappir will cover the features, capabilities and limitations of HTML5, including interactive demonstrations. He will even delve into the HTML source code to help attendees understand how features work from the inside-out.
David Stafford 10 ways my users said, "FUIT" People will want to attend this session because it is based on true accounts of end-users 'hacking' IT policies and controls in order to be more productive and in control. During a period where the concept of BYOD popularity is deafening, people will love to hear the stories from the past 4 years where IT fought and lost the battle.
Jason Conger Mobile Enterprise Applications - FUIT or ITFTW?

BYOD is here to stay and users are saying FUIT by finding their own applications that suit their own needs on their own devices.  Instead of fighting this trend, IT should embrace it by making the enterprise applications and data accessible to mobile devices - with a native device experience. During this session, you'll get: 

  • A discussion about Citrix Receiver enhancements for mobility devices
  • Use built in enhancements like the XenApp Mobility Pack and new Citrix Policies. 
  • For the code enthusiasts/junkies - a technical deep-dive on the XenApp Mobility Pack and the XenApp Mobile Application SDK.
  • Transform a enterprise applications to support touch interfaces; use mobile device capabilities such as GPS, camera, buttons, orientation, SMS, phone call functions and more.
Matt Kosht Embracing FUIT: A corporate IT guy's survival guide This session from Matt Kosht will delve into the business side of FUIT and consumerization and how organizations can deal with it. In general, this session will look at the root causes of all the problems that the users are bringing to IT and how IT departments can deal with them.
Shawn Bass HDX, PCoIP, Quest EOP & RemoteFX Display Remoting in a Mobile World Mobility is all the rage in business right now with everyone from knowledge workers to executives wanting to get to their applications and data from the latest tablet and smartphone devices.  But what happens to the user experience when accessing their desktop and applications from these mobile devices over typical 3G/4G internet connections.  Come to this session to get an inside look at an independent point of view on Remoting Protocols on mobile devices.

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