Bye Bye "iForum." Hello "App Delivery Expo."

Citrix has modified the name of their annual marketing conference. What used to be called "Citrix iForum" is now called "iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo, presented by Citrix.

Citrix has modified the name of their annual marketing conference. What used to be called “Citrix iForum” is now called “iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo, presented by Citrix.”

According to their website, This premier global event will put you in touch with the thought-leaders and cutting-edge technology behind some of the hottest trends in the market including Web 2.0, desktop virtualization, and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

It continues, by participating in the App Delivery Expo, you get to be part of the first-ever industry-focused iForum event.

It's unclear to me exactly what this means. Does iForum cover Citrix's products and technologies, or is it about the industry-at-large? If you make your living as a Citrix Presentation Server admin, would you go to this event? (Try to find the phrases "server-based computing" or "Presentation Server" on that site.)

What's really strange to me is the way that Citrix seems to be distancing themselves from the expo. Reading through the site, I get the impression Citrix is trying to market this as an independent application delivery event, rather than a Citrix marketing event. Even the way the name is--it’s the "App Delivery Expo," and then in a smaller font off to the side, "presented by Citrix." Almost like the "Family movie night, presented by Ford."

Attendee registration for the 2.5 day event is $1500 ($1400 for early-bird). There are some hands-on workshops that they’ll be presenting, but these 3-hour workshops cost an additional $400 each (on top of your $1500 registration fee). Why should you pay an extra $400 each for these workshops? According to the website, benefits of the hands-on-workshops include:

  • In-depth, hands-on technical training on Citrix products
  • One-on-one interaction with Citrix product experts
  • Practical knowledge to apply right away
  • Details on how and why Citrix products work
  • Tips from participating peers about getting the most out of your Citrix investment

I assume this means that the $1500 fee for the general conference does not include these benefits, since they're listed here as reasons to shell out an extra $400 or $800.

By the way, I love that the guy on the home page of Citrix’s official conference is using a Mac. Maybe this means we’ll see an Access Gateway client for the Mac some day? Or Option+H support? Or a Mac ICA client that supports the new features of Presentation Server? Or a Mac WANscaler client? ;)

I also love the new dark blue and light blue color scheme--they’re the perfect colors for an app delivery conference where attendees can network with thought leaders and learn in-depth details about how various products work. Bravo!

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I also noticed the Mac along with the fact that that they're giving away an iPhone! The must definately be some new tight bond between Citrix and Apple developing!

I dunno hey... $1500 seems like a lot of money to pay, especially if I need to pay more for each hands on lab I want to do! Short of getting one of our suppliers to send me because i've been loyal to them I dont see me going anytime soon! Unofrtunately!


I always liked the concept of the yearly marketing event Iforum was, but maybe this is a way to make room for other events, Pubforum, Briforum etc, or maybe even to slowly draw in the presenters from the more unofficial events thereby bringing together the best of two worlds :-P

Personally i would love to see a Vendor-Hosted event with a broader perspective on the market, and looking at Citrix and their Citrix Ready concept maybe this is slowly beginning... though i suspect they have a hidden agenda :-)

 As for the Mac stuff.. Whats taking them so long, luckily for mac users the option to run XP/Vista on mac or in virtual environments is getting better ;)


I cannot wait to attend iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo presented by Citrix this year.  iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo presented by Citrix should be very exiciting and have a lot of useful information.  Hope to see everyone at iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo presented by Citrix.

I recieved an email today from asking:

You’ve heard the question, "What’s in a name?" The answer: Everything.

And we need your help in choosing a new name for an annual IT industry event that draws over 3000 attendees from around the globe.

The names listed were: AppDex, App Del, App Delivery Confrerence

Remember Nfuse Elite, MSAM, Metaframe.... I'm suprised it took the marketing team this long to rename iForum.  


Mmmm... Citrix Apple! {Ala Homer Simpson}
maby that's why they call DACC now Server-Based Computing Expert, Douglas Brown
I know I've seen these colors somewhere... ;P

I was debating between this conference and VMworld to get some good concentrated information.  Looks like I know the answer now.

Yeah I got that too, and thought "Citrix have just renamed iForum, so why this?". Strange.
HA!  That's what I said!

that is almost what one of Brian's full week classes are worth ! I know what I will be doing !

we want more classes organised ! we want them in AUS too :)



What an odd name?  Sounds like rock 'n' roll spandex?  but there again AppEx sounds like CapEx, which isnt a good vibe either :@).

I am off to trademark "My App Space" which drops nicely into MT's recent keynotes about the future of collaboration. Perhaps the community can come up with something better.  I am off to claim my £5 from marketing..... Steve M 


What do you get if you cross Citrix and an Apple??


Scroll down



Keep going



It's good



Nearly there




A Citrix Apple :-)


I would think it's a good thing to have iForum expand out into a broader industry show with people other than Citrix involved.

We will see a Softricity specific booth ? and the other companies that directly compete with Citrix...I mean, hey,  it's no longer Citrix-centric, right?  :D
I wonder - in the past they have asked a few vendors with competing products not to show up.

if the link doesn't work, go to and click "Agenda" followed by "content catalog" and hit "search"


Softricity was there last the Microsoft Booth..
Actually, it seems that Citrix is changing complete from red to blue, in all future documents and web sites, not just for the iForum, the Next Generation. You can already see the first step on the Citrix home page today, but all the red will disappear, this includes the red dots in de Citrix logo. The current supporting color orange, will migrate to green. I like the new blue and green color schema Citrix has selected, it looks very professional.

Have they let Provision back in ?  (I wasn't able to attend Iforum 06 :(

Was Thinstall there?

It seems to me that changing the name to the App Delivery Expo, only enforces the feeling that Citrix is trying to be the one-stop shop for end-to-end, anywhere, anytime application delivery;  from the historical presetation server, to firewalls, accellerators, etc.  And you don't have to have Presentation Server to run some of it.  In the past if you mentioned you were running Citrix, people would know exactly what you meant.  In a couple of years, you will most likely have to clarify what part you use....they're expanding their core services.   Does Microsoft have some competition for world dominations?   d:)

Take a company like VMware, they have the balls to let anyone that wants to exhibit at VMworld to do so - Xen, Virtual Iron, SWsoft -- all will be there.  But not Citrix -- no no no.  Too scared to let their customers see better technologies.

 This is from the Sponsoring section of the App Delivery Expo!


Technology Partners interested in becoming sponsors must submit a Complementary Positioning document to Citrix. Upon Citrix’s acceptance of the Complementary Positioning document, Technology Partners may be invited to become an iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo sponsor. To be eligible to sponsor the App Delivery Expo, partners must be good standing members of the Citrix Global Alliance Partner Program. To demonstrate good standing, partners must have paid all applicable 2007 program fees.

So not only do you have to submit a complementary positioning doc, but you also have to be in "good standing" -- meaning pay more dues.

How's this for complementary?  That orange looks pretty sweet.  I wonder if I squeeze it, will I get Citrix or a "crapple"?

Napoleon needs his revenue stream or he'd be without a job.  How else could he afford another MB after crashing the first one?

Is there a "iForum 07, the App Delivery Expo presented by Citrix platinum edition" in wich all workshops are included?

I always wonder why we think it's normal these kind of companies find it reasonable to ask loads of cash from us so that THEY can tell US (the people who effectively sell their products for them and keep them in business) how great they are and why their products rock so hard! What a strange world we live in....

BTW: If i have Application Delivery Infrastruture, do i still need Access to it?