Brian's VMworld session: "VDI versus TS." Today @ 10:30 and 3:30

For those of you at VMworld this week, I'm giving a session called "VDI versus Terminal Services." This is similar to the debate that Benny and I had at BriForum this year, although this session is more of a presentation style instead of a head-to-head debate.

For those of you at VMworld this week, I'm giving a session called "VDI versus Terminal Services." This is similar to the debate that Benny and I had at BriForum this year, although this session is more of a presentation style instead of a head-to-head debate. I'll be giving this session twice today:

  • Thursday, 10:30 AM (Room: Venetian Ballroom D)
  • Thursday, 3:30 PM (Room: Murano 3202)

Abstract: Companies have been delivering desktops via Terminal Services for over a decade. When Microsoft added the remote desktop capability to Windows XP seven years ago, people said “Hey, now we can connect to remote Windows XP single user sessions instead of Terminal Server.” And just like that, VDI was born. VDI and Terminal Server share a lot of common traits—both are classified as server-based computing solutions, and both have very, um, “passionate” supporters. So what’s the deal today? Is the world about VDI “versus” Terminal Server? Is it VDI “and” Terminal Server? In this session, Brian Madden will take a no-nonsense look at VDI and Terminal Server technologies. He’ll discuss what’s real and not real today, and he’ll explore where each technology is appropriate. Most importantly, he’ll look ahead to the Windows 7 timeframe. Will Terminal Server desktops still dominate? Will Windows 7 be a VDI world? Find out here!

Length: 1 Hour
Level: Intermediate

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VM stock down another 12 p;oints today... what's going on at VMworld? any new announcements?

Skynet has been asleep in hypervisor code across the planet.  It will stay dorment until saturated across the planet enough.  It will then be activated in all Virtual infrastructures - the complexity of today is a smokescreen for the machines to rise.  Judegment Day is coming!


Nah only joking, sorry hardly see any humor on these posts anymore! :)

Are you suggesting this is related to me taking the stage today? :)
Yes that crossed my mind. Are you coming out with your own Hypervisor
(Brian-V) and covertly using your VMW presentation as the launching pad???

Brian, Unfortunatley, I am not there with the other 14k people, but would have benefited from your talk. Can you post some of the content and/or good questions asked? Thanks,





I attended the session, and here is my take: 

Bryan throws it down once again.....the guantlet has been set. Thanks, Bryan, for your unbiased opinion and calling the shots as we all see them. You kick Ass!!!

second this, sure there'll be many others to increase that vote
that Claudio's Law: the time to boot Windows XXX and launch an Office YYY (XXX and YYY three-digit integers) application is constant, no matter which hardware you have (meaning no matter if we are in 1998 or 2198). That is why VDI will never scale, unless there is a huge shift, a new paradigm on how computers work... But by then probably the .NET framework 200 will require 512TB RAM, 4096 cores and 1 Yottabyte disk... So the scalability issue will never be solved... :-)

I attended the 10:30 session before heading home.  Personally I thought this was one of his best sessions in the past couple years (not taking anything away from BriForum - that was fantastic as always).  I saw Brian in the lobby on Monday and chatted with him for a few minutes.  When he told me he was doing a session on VDI vs. TS I said to him "...again?"  However Brian really did a great job of weighing the pros and cons of each technology and really relating both solutions as Server Based Computing.

The best comments Brian had in my opinion was simply this...don't pick a VDI solution on what a vendor is promising tomorrow (or next quarter), choose one on what they have today because the technology will change dramatically by.....June 2010 :-)

Thanks Brian!!!


Brian, good job on the presentation this morning.  Wish you had more time to speak.

Anyways, I just about fell off my chair laughing when you were talking about the "next" big thing...running offline VDI back on the client....hey boss guess what...we're not doing SBC anymore, there's this new thing...we run the virtualized apps and os on the clients themselves..."

Hilarious...  Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts..  We do appreciate it.

Did Brian have a black eye or did vmware keep him and Doug apart :)  Sorry i couldn't make it, Sure would like to see the content as Brian usually delivers amazing content.

I recorded a part of Brians presentation.


Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL

This was awesome Eric.  Thank you for doing this!
thanks Eric, great stuff

Thanks Eric. Eric do you happen to have the entire presentation on video? if so, I would definately be interested in seeing the entire presentation. If not, thanks for the posting regardless.

 Laura Armstrong, desktopsites Inc.



I attended VMWorld, but did not catch the presentation.  Did you video the presentation at all?  I did hear positive response from attendees.  One item of note was strong feedback on the ROI dialog you presented.  Congratulations.


I only recorded about 12 minutes of Brian’s presentation, the whole show would become to lengthy and holds a copyright I think. It’s just meant as an impression.  Brian is a great presenter, although I’m now running in my third year VCI, I still have learned some tricks.
This was my third VMWorld also and last. Brian's session was the best session for me so I am going to the BriForum next year. I got alot of swag and Vegas was nice, but feel like the sessions and labs came up short for what I wanted. My company will not pay for the BriForum, but after Brian's session I don't mind paying for this one. Looking forward to it!
Hey Brain would this session be availale in the near futre ?
So did you get any dirty looks for speaking so highly of Ardence, I mean Citrix PVS?
Brian's session can be found on the vmworld website. Good job Brian, always fun to attend your sessions :-)

I did look on the website but was unable to locate the posted session by Brian. Could you redirect me to the posting (i.e. URL)?


Here is the link...I hope someone has a copy of it that isnt so chopped up....

Brian do you have a full length video of this.  (this seems to be the coles notes version)
Thanks Rob.