is now part of TechTarget

I'm happy to announce that we have been acquired by TechTarget. This is really cool because it means that Gabe and I can focus 100% on writing and interacting with the community, and we don't have to be weighed down by all the operational minutia of running a business.

I'm happy to announce that we have been acquired by TechTarget. This is really cool because it means that Gabe and I can focus 100% on writing and interacting with the community, and we don't have to be weighed down by all the operational minutia of running a business.

For those of you unfamiliar with TechTarget, they're an IT Media Company. They have something like 60 IT-related websites, including IT Knowledge Exchange,,, and all those "Search" news sites (, etc.) They also host about 300 events and conferences per year. (I actually attended one in DC today about desktop virtualization, with presentations from Mark Minasi and Barb Goldworm. Very cool!)

A few other sites picked up our acquisition news from the press release, and some bloggers have openly asked a few questions like "What are Brian's plans?," "I'll bet Brian will bolt," and "I wonder if TechTarget will ruin BriForum and/or"

I'd like to address each of these questions here.

First, my plan moving forward is to do the job I've been doing the past five-and-a-half years. I plan to blog, write, and speak about the application and desktop virtualization industry from a technical and independent standpoint. The great news is that by being part of TechTarget, I'll be able to focus on this 100%. My life running The Brian Madden Company has been amazing, but running a small business is hard work. Really, really hard work. Over the years I was probably only able to spend half my time actually writing and doing my "day job." The rest of my time was spent doing overhead BS tasks, like building and managing the website, setting up new advertisers in our banner ad system, rebooting servers, working with the accountants about taxes, and about 1,000 other things that required my time. All of this was critical, but none of it directly enhanced the value we bring to the community. That all changes by being part of TechTarget, and I think the most immediate change you'll see is that I'll be able to write a lot more than three articles per week.

As to whether I'll "bolt," all I can say is "no way!" I've been in this business too long to bolt now. I've been using Citrix for over ten years, and I think the next three-to-five years will be the most interesting yet. I didn't come this far not to see this whole VDI thing through. But what about leaving TechTarget? Would I just sell to them and then leave? Again, no way! Working for TechTarget is my dream job--I get to keep the good parts of my old job--while other folks at TechTarget handle all the operational work that I wasn't too interested in to begin with. Now I get to be a full-time blogger while someone else worries about keeping the lights on!

Regarding BriForum, we're planning on having BriForum 09 in Chicago as planned. It will be the same BriForum as years past. The same community-led speaking process, the same independent focus, the same Geek Out game show, the same side-by-side video player, and the same DEMO Lab. The only difference is that I won't have to personally print 500 name badges the night before, Gabe and I won't have to manually enter all of the session info into our database, and I won't personally have to lay out the Pocket Guide. Also, we'll have a full-time sales department to help bring more products into the DEMO Lab and more attendees. And all of this means more technical content. Woo-hoo!

The same goes for The website itself will stay the same. The URL will still be Jon Brown (my new boss) put it best. "It's like when Proctor & Gamble bought Gillette," he said, "There are operational efficiencies on the back end, but people still buy the same Gillette products, and most of them don't even notice Gillette's not an independent company anymore." TechTarget has won dozens of awards for editorial excellence and independence, and I'll be able to write with exactly the same freedom that I've enjoyed the past five-and-a-half years on my own. This is absolutely critical to me, and something that Gabe and I really checked out before we moved forward with this deal. We talked to several the hundreds of TechTarget journalists, and we asked them point blank about whether they'd ever received pressure to change a story or to be nice to a certain vendor. And in every case, the journalists told us that they were able to write what they wanted, and if an advertiser got mad, that was too bad.

As I've alluded to a few times in this post, Gabe will also be part of TechTarget. His full-time job will be as a site editor for Previously, Gabe spent probably 90% of his time at The Brian Madden Company doing overhead work--managing Exchange and our Blackberry server, making and editing DVDs for BriForum and our training class, backing up our servers, etc. All of that overhead work will go away, and you'll see great technical articles (like this one) from him almost every day instead of just a few times per month.

The bottom line is that by being part of TechTarget, Gabe and I can focus on what we like to do most: writing for and hosting the best independent conference in the industry. This is the most exciting thing that's happened for us since we've been part of The Brian Madden Company, and we're eager to share that excitement with you. Just watch.

And as always, please join in the conversation!

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Its how it goes, we are in a time where we are talking consolidation and centralization.. Why not follow the spirit. I just hope that you guys will have more time, and that you will keep your independence when it comes to the analyst work... :-)

As for TechTarget i think it is as good as any ccompany, something was going to happen you guys have been overburdened.. and humans cant stay that way forever..

Good luck with the new jobs :-)

Back to being employed..the heaven on earth ;-)

Rene Vester



Congratulations on taking the next step in your career. I hope that you've been well compensated for your hard work and effort over the past couple of years. And I wish you all the best going forward.



Hi Brian,

An interesting step. I understand where you are coming from. Best of luck to you and Gabe!

Michel Roth.


Well done on 'vitualising' your back-office functions, and congratulations on securing a deal you're happy with that will allow you to focus on what is important. Its always a worry when a company we rely on for its independence is no longer 'independent', but I'm sure you'll have taken the necessary steps to ensure you retain the culture of your organization in the future.  


Good for you!  

I thought that it was pretty clear last spring that Brian had to evolve things in some way, and this announcement sounds to me like a good move that will support the community Brian built well, while giving Brian his life back.


Congratulations Brian and Gabe.  I know how hard it is to keep a very busy site running with only a few people.  What about Emily and your few other people you've had helping you?

This is probably the best move for you. I knew the guys over at when they initially moved to TechTarget I was a bit dismayed but I saw that the good stuff remained and it turned out to be a good move for them and I was still pleased with the content.

My life got so much simpler once I sold (and my electric bills went down too not having to run all those servers in my house. LOL) My situation was different though as I don't write for them and did not stay on.  I chose to go another route.  My brain tumor site, games site and blog still are doing very well though and the Thin list rocks on so it is all good and way less stressful.

As long as you guys can keep a roof over your head (even if it is virtually Brian) and keep the lights on you will be OK and I am sure this won't be a problem for you.

One thing that I am sure you won't  miss is having to deal with all of the pettiness that occurs in the comments sections.  ; )

Life goes on.

Keep on keeping on and best of luck.


You know.. regarding the "independent" thing.. that doesn't change even though we work for TechTarget. I always used that word to mean that we're "independent" in the sense that we're not part of a vendor or swayed by vendors or anything, and that's exactly how TechTarget is.

In fact, TechTarget is completely independent too.. they just happen to be about 100x the size of our old company. :)


Congratulations Brian!  I'll have to admit my first thought was oh no, you sold out........but then after reading this and I got to thinking about a very similar experience from a a colleague of mine had, it sounds like you made a good choice.  What desktop virtualization thing are you at in DC? That is where I live, and while I've been busy going to different virtualization events (MS getVirtualNow, VMware Security meet-up, VMware in the itelligence community meetup, etc.) over the last two weeks in the area, I didn't know of anything going on this week.

One other thing does this mean the Briforum 2008 DVD's will be released soon? just joking no rush.


@ Craig

The BriForum DVD's arrived at the presser today, and it will take about 10 days to press them and get them to our distributor.  At that point, any orders placed will go be fulfilled, so you can expect to have them in a couple weeks.


Enough with the sweet talk. Brian sold out and that's it! Check out how Brian is desperatly trying to bring honor to his new master in the main post and comments above.

And then (surprise, surprise), we have SO: s congratulating another fellow to join their misery.

Stop giving sweet talk!


Congrats Brian and Gabe!  

I love people who use the term "sold out" like people should just work their asses off with zero compensation....Hey Kimmo - are you employed or do you work for free?



Congradulations, guys.  It's the great content and "certified no bull" that made this site so great, and it's a great addition of the TechTarget ensemble.


Congrats Gabe en Brian...

Looks like a win-win situation...!

Hoping that now youg guys will also get the proper time to organize another Briforum Europe!


- - - -


Ok, great news for Brain and Gabe.... but what about EMILY?? She was the glue that held it all together and did a helluva job doing it. Does she have a place in the new regime?


Great news, I follow almost from the moment it is launched and they growen and growen and are technical good in depth so this site soots? good into there portofolio. Good luck with the new future all at brianmadden! and hope you have more time to write in depth articles and give roadshows etc


Oooh Kimmo

We are sellout's now huh? There is something I have never been called. gets five times the traffic it did when I owned it and has more content then I could ever provide. The two of us have invested over 14 years in this industry helping hundreds of thousands of people and we made a decision that is somethng that is going to help even more people,  I fail to see how that is selling out. I call that success.


My comment re:Tech Target was targeted (!) to the yaysayers first and foremost.

Because no one else did, I threw the wakeup call to the citizens of la-la land.

Maybe I overdone it (by sure!) but all I wanted was to make people to reflect and think.

Aside all that, I'm a friend. Your true friend.



very smart decision.

i think a lot of us have the same issues. i as a freelancer also have very less time to try things and blog things etc, and just beeing a freelancer is nothing compared to the company you had.

at the end we should all do the thing we love most and that is being busy with all the cool stuff.