is hiring a site editor! Here's a look at our plans.

We're also growing our freelance program. Overall, our mission to provide the best end user computing analysis, opinions, and deep dives remains exactly the same.

Last week, Gabe announced that he’s leaving TechTarget and heading on to his next adventure. As we thank him and wish him luck, some might be wondering what’s next for

The answer is that is going to continue covering end user computing as usual, but with two exciting changes: TechTarget is hiring another site editor for the site, and they’re increasing our freelance budget.

Come work with us!

The new site editor job is a full time position based in our San Francisco office, working directly with me.

The primary responsibilities are to run our freelance program (including editing stories, managing the budget and schedule, helping to recruit contributors, etc.) and write original blog posts for The site editor will also help with social media, SEO research, and all the other tasks that come with running a blog.

The site editor doesn’t need a background in enterprise IT, but obviously we’re looking for someone with an interest in technology and that can quickly learn about IT concepts trends and nerd out on things. The main firm prerequisites for the job are strong writing and editing skills and a few years of experience in online media.

Personally, I think this is a really cool opportunity. The site editor will travel to conferences (including ones like AWS re:Invent and DreamForce), develop industry relationships, and get to be part of what we can all agree is a super interesting space. I mean EUC? Come on! You get to cover mobility, security, the changing nature of work, and the tech giants of the world. The new site editor can also follow threads and explore new areas, like I did when I wanted to figure out what the deal with BYOD was, and then ended up writing a book on EMM.

The req is open now, and you can find the official job description, responsibilities, requirements, and application link here.


Over the last 18 months, we’ve been running a formal, paid freelance program, with some great contributions from community friends old and new. Thanks to our budget increase, we can now have a freelance post almost every week. This is where you come in!

We’re looking for freelance contributors that have hands-on experience with all the technologies we cover at We want publish your original deep dives, opinions, and experiences. If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you know what will fit.

You might be worried that you’re not the most experienced writer, but that’s okay. The future site editor and I are here to help with that, and we’re mostly concerned about what you have to say, not misplaced commas.

If you’re interested, you can always pitch me any time by emailing me at

Please note that for obvious reasons, if you work at a vendor, we can’t include you in our freelance program. (VARs, consultants, etc., are okay.) (Yes, you’ll notice that we have occasionally posted articles written by people that happen to work at vendors, but these are not paid contributions and we only do them on a case by case basis. Also, we only do this with vendor-neutral content, for example when Gunnar Berger recently wrote an introduction to identity.)

Final note

The mission of is the same as always. We’ll continue to provide the best technically-informed and personality-driven coverage of end user computing, desktop virtualization, and enterprise mobility that we can possibly can.

At the same time, our coverage will evolve as it always has. These days, our topics also include Windows 10 Modern Management, identity management, mobile security, BYOD, consumerization, and “workspaces.” But that’s not all—there’s also server virtualization and infrastructure; cloud infrastructure and applications; EMM-managed IoT; emerging devices (Chromebooks, ARM-based laptops and thin clients, hybrid desktop/phones, hybrid laptop/tablets); mobile applications (low-code/no-code platforms, strategy, management and security, etc.); and future technologies and trends that affect EUC (AI/machine learning, VR/AR, voice and natural-language user interfaces, digital assistants). That’s a lot of variety, but it makes for a fun job!

Just two last bits of housekeeping: If you’re a desktop virtualization vendor that was sending news pitches to Gabe, you can send those to me now. Second, until we get our new site editor and freelance program up to speed, the publishing schedule might vary a bit. I’m aiming for two of my articles plus the Friday Notebook every week, but I’m only one person, so give me some slack.

Thanks for reading—I hope you’ll join me in looking forward to the next era of!

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