Podcast #121: Jack interviews Brian about the state of VDI and EUC

Before the last BriForum, get Brian's current take on everything that's going on in our space, along with his advice on how to make sure projects succeed.

In this podcast, recorded just a few days before the last BriForum, I sat down to pick Brian's brain about the state of VDI and end user computing. Here's what we covered:

  • The state of VDI technology
  • Why Brian isn't just "the VDI guy"
  • Why VDI always comes down to whether or not you're using it for the right reasons
  • The state of app refactoring
  • Why 5G will be super interesting
  • Network micro-segmentation
  • Containers
  • The future of Windows application delivery
  • The future of client management
  • Enterprise mobility management
  • Brian's thoughts on tech executives
  • How to make sure projects are successful
  • What Brian is looking forward to at BriForum

We referenced several other videos, podcasts, and articles:

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