Friday Notebook: Citrix Synergy 2017 Edition, May 26, 2017

Citrix Synergy 2017 took all of our attention this week, but in addition to that, the VDI Like a Pro survey results are out and there was a bit of action in the MADP/RMAD space.

Here’s what happened in EMM, VDI/SBC, and EUC in the week leading up to May 26, 2017.

Citrix Synergy news

We’ll have some more articles about Synergy next week, but in the meantime, you can get an overview of our thoughts and opinions on all the news in our podcast, and you can also catch up on the keynotes from our live blog. Here are some of the Citrix announcements that caught our attention:

On Tuesday during Synergy, the results of the community-oriented VDI Like a Pro's State of VDI and SBC Survey came out, and there’s a lot for us to dig into. Gabe already looked at what it has to say about app layering.

We would also like to highlight and congratulate all the winners and finalists of the Best of Citrix Synergy Awards, which TechTarget organized. The winners and finalists include products from ExtraHop, CensorNet, ControlUp, Lakeside Software, Cisco, Pure Storage, Bitdefender, and Login VSI. The Best of Show award went to ExtraHop Addy, which Gabe covered earlier this year.

A few weeks ago, Gabe wrote IGEL seems poised to make some big changes. They’ve certainly been busy on the partnership front—during Synergy, they announced partnerships with Lakeside, MTM, and Entisys650.

In the “products that make it easier to build enterprise mobile apps” space, we noticed two things this week: Capriza announced that they reached one million end users (up from 200,000 18 months ago), and Appian, a low-code, enterprise-oriented mobile app development platform, went public and raised $75 million.

Apparently, GPUs on Azure have been hard to get recently. We heard this comment from a few friends this week at Synergy, and The Register reported the same, as well.

Our blog posts

Gabe: App Layering is EUC's best kept secret according to VDI Like a Pro's survey results. The folks at VDI Like a Pro have outdone themselves this year with a comprehensive survey of all of EUC. The results have been tallied, and our first look into them is about Application Layering.

Gabe and Jack: Citrix Synergy 2017: Keynote Live Blogs. Live blogs from the Synergy keynotes on May 23, 2017.

Jack: Citrix Synergy 2017: Mobile Threat Defense presentation resources and links This served as the bibliography for Jack’s presentation. The presentation wasn’t recorded, so an article version will be coming soon. In the meantime, these links are still quite useful for anyone looking into mobile threat defense. Podcast #128: Citrix Synergy 2017. Gabe and Jack sit down after the show to hash out their opinions.

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