2017 Zeitgeist

Our most viewed articles; industry acquisitions and changes; and companies we met for the first time.

The last few days of the year are always slow, so today we’re going to share some lists that Gabe and I put together while writing our year-end posts.

Our most viewed articles

Last week I took a look at all of our 2017 posts in Google Analytics. Since we have a long history of covering Citrix, we always get a lot of traffic around their big news events. Here are the top articles:

Here are the other top desktop virtualization stories:

And here are the top enterprise mobility stories:


Gabe already wrote about the acquisitions of Unidesk, LANDESK, RES, Simplivity, Nimble Storage, and VERDE. Here are the EMM acquisitions from 2017:

Several companies, products, and leaders left the EUC space, parted ways, and transitioned to new ownership:

It was not a good year for alternative mobile operating systems:

  • Windows Phones are pretty much dead.
  • Cyanogen, makers of CyanogenMod, the community-based alternative Android build, both shut down at the very end of 2016. (More at TechCrunch and XDA Developers.)
  • Firefox OS was scuttled, though technically the phones came to an end in 2016.
  • Unity8, the Ubuntu Linux shell for phones, was dropped.

New companies and contributors

On a happier note, we wrote about several vendors for the first time this year:

We also featured articles from freelance and community contributors:

Thanks to these and the many others at TechTarget, in the community, and in the industry who helped make 2017 another successful year, and see you in 2018!

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