Brian is leaving, BriForum 2016 Boston will be the last one!

Brian is leaving TechTarget, Jack and Gabe will stay and continue writing on

Well this is a weird post to write.

At the end of July (after BriForum), I will be leaving TechTarget (and therefore Gabe and Jack will continue in their current roles, writing about and analyzing the desktop and mobile space, so for them, TechTarget, and the website, it will be business as usual, just without me.

After 21 years in the IT industry, (including the past 14 in the very public “media” side of things), I’m taking a break to figure out what I want to do next.

Looking back at my role in the IT industry, not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate having been able to work with my best friend for 18 years, my brother for 11 years, and to have made friends all over the world. I love that my living room is full of friends when major conferences are in San Francisco, and that I have places to stay when I’m in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, and so many other places in the world thanks to the friends I’ve met in this industry.

I’m also thankful that I’ve had a front row seat in what’s become the desktop virtualization industry as companies worldwide have tried to figure out how to modernize and deliver their Windows desktop applications. I appreciate that I was able to be part of the conversation and share what I learned with millions of readers. Since starting, I’ve written over 2000 blog posts, 5 books, given over 500 speeches & presentations, acted in almost 150 videos, hosted 23 Geek Out game shows, started a conference which we held 20 times (with over 800 breakout sessions), and flown almost 2 million miles.

Speaking of that conference, TechTarget will certainly continue to host desktop virtualization events, but this July will be the last “BriForum”, so if you’re on the fence about attending BriForum 2016 Boston, I suggest that you come this year! :)

Thanks for reading and commenting all these years. Seriously, the fact that we’ve had a public website for 14 years that didn’t devolve into a troll jerk fest is pretty awesome. I’ve heard from numerous people that the comments and community on are often more valuable than the content we write. :) So thank you for that.

As I said, Gabe and Jack will continue in their current roles writing on, so keep on reading what they write and sharing your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

In the meantime, I’ve got another month or so of posts to write and the 20th BriForum to prepare for. So I’m off, see you in Boston in July!

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Whoa - this is sad news for your readers and co-workers! It was great working with you, Brian. Can't wait to see what you take on next.
I'm genuinely sad to see this happen.  I've enjoyed the insights and wit of your articles.  I also have an appreciation for your contribution to the community surrounding EUC technologies.  I wish you the best in your future and I hope you keep up with those of us in your audience.

Best Wishes,
Rick Boyett

Brian, you are a trusted source and an THAT expert on so many things regarding all that VDI stuff. I appreciate your work and am sad reading this post. On the other hand, I really can understand your decision. So, I wish you all the best for your future! Many thanks!

Cheers, Jochen.

Brian I have looked up to you through my entire IT career and it will be sad to see you go.  Kick arse and have fun in your new endevours mate.  Take care.
First a sincere "Thank You" for all you've done for this community and me personally over the years. I think you underestimate the impact you've made on the industry and the lives of the technologists that turn to you for the unbiased, no-bullshit perspective that cuts through marketing hype.

Here's to whatever the next quarter in the machine brings!
-David Stafford
It's been 7 years since I've chimed in on, though I've dropped in on a regular basis over the years to peruse the wonderful and insightful content. Brian, what you've done for the industry is immeasurable, period. Also, I'll never forget the friend you've been, not to only me and Paul, but to Provision Networks and vWorkspace, at a time when the product was in dire need for a friend; you gave it a voice, and I'll always be grateful. I hope you're moving on to bigger and better things... IoT, AI, for instance. Big things are taking shape at IBM (Watson, IoT). Much more exciting space as opposed to the transitional/niche market that you've made your baby for so long.

Good luck,

I can remember my manager's advice to read your posts ~10 years ago, when I started professional life around virtualization. Hope you can find out what the next step is for you, and for sure, enjoy it!. Thanks for all the shared content!