Brian Madden no longer "Some crazy kid"

It happens a lot the first time people meet Brian. "That's Brian?"

It happens a lot the first time people meet Brian. "That's Brian? I pictured someone older," they say. They find it hard to believe (since they don't know him that well) that he's someone in his twenties.

Well, that's all gonna change now. Today, Brian turns 30. Sure, he's still 25 years away from getting a discount at Denny's, but he's certainly no longer a kid (at least, they won't let him use the kids' menu anymore).

To prove that Brian is no longer a kid, I went through my photo library and found the oldest picture I could. I cropped out the other people in the picture so they didn't have to look and see how much hair they had (me...sigh) in 1999. Here for you to see, is Turn o' the Century Brian:

Clearly, he's changed quiet a bit over the years. I mean, he's started his own company, he worked from home for many years and is now "virtually homeless" (because it's a little of both!). The Brian Madden Company puts on two conferences each year, many training classes, and has quadrupled in size from it's humble beginnings in 2003. Brian's written three books, and a fourth is in the works. With that resume, we surely will see someone more sophisticated, well-rounded, and professional looking, right?


(Editor's note: Man, have I been waiting to use THAT picture!)

Kidding aside, we just figured we should wish Brian a happy birthday in a way that he'd enjoy. 30 years old is great, and considering we've been working with SBC for 10 years now, it means that a full third of his life has been spent dealing with Citrix, Microsoft, and countless other vendors; so it's only fitting that we post an article about it!

If you'd like to wish Brian a happy birthday (or not), feel free to post something in the comments.

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Congrats, Brian. Now that you're OLD, maybe it's time to go back to the "blue-hair" look.

It's not that bad!  Just beware that now it will take longer and longer to recover from those Brazilian BBQ 'Meat Hangovers'. 

Happy birthday and keep up the good work!



Right now I'm sitting in "your" room down in the basement of the "Tritsch Home Base" in Germany. I can see lots of BriForum Europe stuff around me, waiting to be re-used next year. This is the perfect place from where I and my family want to send you our congrats to your 30th birthday. So, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us. We are looking forward to see you back here soon.

Benny Tritsch


Happy Birthday from the French Citrix community... (yes, there is one) :-)



Happy Birthday Brian, a wish you another 30++ healthy and blessed years!



Hey Brian,

Happy Birthday man... hope you have a blast tonight wherever you are in the world! Just remember you are only as old as the woman you feel!


Happy birthday Brian.  I have to admit I'm shocked though, I thought you'd have nicer furntiure :-) JK


Happy B-day and congrats on making it to 30!


TMI on the Brian's photo of working from home!  Thanks for the visual...


You know...just to clarify that picture - it's a staged photo that Brian was going to use in the keynote at BriForum DC 2006 - notice the blue hair. :)
Looks like 2 bags next to him, interesting....

Hey Brian,

Today is my birthday also. I am 39. Went to my first Briforum this year in Chicago.One Briforum + DVD set is well worth more than Citrix Partner Summit + iForum. Now after hearing your latest podcast I find 2 other things we have in common - Kemp Technologies loadmasters and visionapp are my other 2 add-on interests. Did you get screwed when you were growing up like I did since your birthday was so close to Christmas? Combining birthday and Christmas presents? Thanks for all of your free advice!



Hej Brian,

Happ birthday Brian or as we say "Tillykke med fødselsdagen" in Denmark.

 I became 30 in October this year and first SMS I got from my friends was "Hej Buddy, Welcome to the adults club! "

If you believe Chinese astrology, you could check the site, we are Snakes!





Hi Brian,

happy birthday and all good luck. Consider being adult now... *LOL*



While I reserved my snide old people comments for the private email, I'll just say nice things here ;)  While you weren't here in Chicago, I said a toast on your behalf.  Many more good years ahead!



Happy B-day... and a special one as well!!! 30!!!!


And welcome to the club!
Happy B'day Brian.............

I hope your 30th was memorable.  Seems like mine was just yesterday.... and that was four years ago.  Time flies when you're having fun.  Hope to see you at BriForum 2008, MVP Summit 2008, some other conference or if you're ever in San Diego.






Nowhere to go but down from here on :P

And the best wishes for all years to come ...



Congratulations. That's version 9.1 in Citrix years!



quit a while ago : )

Enjoy it Brian!

From the Citrix Team @ Azlan Tech Data Belgium


All the best from from the sepago team!




Congrats form Citrix Channel Team Netherlands


" killed the radio star"... !


 Happy Birthday - and thanks for all the support and assistance through the years!


well it was bound to happen sooner or later right???  Welcome to 30, it's the new 20 remember, so feel free to continue your ways amigo....that's why we like you so much!!!!

 I've been out of touch for the past few days, so Happy belated birthday

Happy bd Brian, although I posted the reply a bit to late :) am to busy with social live new job and ofcourse esx stuff ;)
No worries - Speaking from experience - I have successfully transitioned from "some crazy kid" to "some crazy adult" .......and its all ok. :)


 Hard to believe I remembering you waiting to buy a drink at the bar--legally.  Hope this was a good one.

One non birthday question--Why does Gabe always seem to have pictures of you half naked?  Scary thought, eh?

Look me up when (if) you get back to DC