Brian Madden launches Internet Radio Show / Podcast

I've just launched a podcast / Internet radio show called "Brian Madden Live."

I've just launched a podcast / Internet radio show called "Brian Madden Live." ( It's a technical show about Citrix and server-based computing technologies where I'll interview experts in the industry to find out how different products work.

In keeping with our logo scheme, we've developed a logo for the show which you'll hopefully see a lot of in the next few years:

I've added this logo to our logo download page at

What's the show about?

Brian Madden Live is geared for technical people. Sometimes I find it's easier to understand technology when hearing someone talk about it. The idea is that I'll find the technical experts in the field to explain key technologies.

For example, our first show (available now) is about the virtual memory optimization technology that Citrix licensed from RTO Software and built into Presentation Server 4.0. Even though this technology has been around (in the form of RTO TScale) for about five years, a lot of people don't really know how it works (other than it does "something" to make applications take less memory).

So for the show, I have an interview with Kevin Goodman, the inventor and architect of this technology. Kevin explains the gory details of exactly how this stuff works, and after listening to him you can impress your colleagues with your in-depth knowledge of the technology!

Of course that's just Show #1. I have dozens of guests lined up to talk on future shows. (Do you have an idea for a show? Do you want to be a guest? Send me an email.)

We'll take the show on the road too. Expect to hear different shows from various industry events. (Live from BriForum, Live from PubForum, etc.) We'll also put together industry round-table shows and other interesting technical conversations.

The key theme is that like everything we do, these shows will be very technical and 100% independent.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is just a fancy name for a new way to download MP3 audio files from a website. Instead of doing things the "old" way (where you visit the site and download an MP3 file), a podcast means that you load some podcast client software onto your computer. (There are dozens of these--(iTunes, iPodder, etc.). This software then accesses a special RSS feed on a website to see if there is any new content.  If there is, the software automatically downloads the new MP3 file specified in the RSS feed.

The idea here is that you can wake up in the morning and have the latest MP3 content sitting on your computer or MP3 player waiting for you.

My Podcast RSS feed is That's different than my main sitewide feed at

Of course You don't need to use the Podcast / RSS feed if you don't want to. You can always just click the link to the MP3 file when each new show is published and stream it or download it the old fashioned way. You can burn the shows onto a CD or put them on your MP3 player to listen to them during your commute.

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Hi Brian

This is exactly, what I have bee waiting for. Really great idea, but I wonder where your podcast is listed in the podcast directory, so that I can subscribe to it via itunes. When I will be subscribed I will be sure to never miss a show :-)

Ciao, Daniel
Apple's iTunes podcast directory is controlled access. I have applied to have my podcast listed, but it will be awhile before I find out whether I'm approved.
You should also list your feed on, and for even more exposure.
You might find this useful Brian
You can always add the podcast directly with the URL in iTunes by going to the menu "Advanced" then "Subscribe to Podcast"

I tried adding the feed, but it won't download the podcast, I get the following error: There was a problem downloading "Interview with Kevin Goodman, architect of Citrix's virtual memory optimization management technology.". An unknown error occured (-50). Please check that the URL is correct and the connection to the network is active and try again. Downloading "This Week in Tech" works fine, as does other podcasts. Any Ideas?
When I add it into itunes, it fails to download the mp3. I also have problems with the podcast url using ipodder. I don't have any problems with other feeds.
Hi Brian,

I listened to your broadcast with Kevin Goodman and found it extremely interesting. When is your next broadcast and who will you be speaking to?

Kind Regards
Brian, I still did not clearly find how to sign up for auto pod feeds. When I linked to http:
Yeah, that link is for the raw XML data that you plug into your podcasting software. (Podcasting software is something like iPodder that you use to have your computer automatically download new shows.) To find out more, just Google iPodder or check out wikipedia.

Same issue here. Your podcast is listed on iTunes but does NOT work. Tried downloading the MP3 for the Propalms CEO interview directly off the website and no luck. Could you fix this Brian? I emailed you but no replies whatsoever. :-(

Thanks - that worked great with this feed.