Brian & Gabe’s speaking schedule for Citrix Synergy

Gabe and I are both at Citrix Synergy this week. In addition to attending sessions and recording as much as we can for Brian Madden TV, we’re both involved in a few breakout sessions.

Gabe and I are both at Citrix Synergy this week. In addition to attending sessions and recording as much as we can for Brian Madden TV, we’re both involved in a few breakout sessions. Here’s a quick snapshot of where you’ll be able to find us.


Monday, 7:30pm – TS versus VDI

Geek Speakeasy Lounge A (in the center of the expo hall during the opening party)

In this informal Geek Speakeasy Lounge session, Brian Madden, Benny Tritsch, and Rick Dehlinger will talk about where VDI is working today and where Terminal Server still makes more sense. They’ll talk about the specific advantages that one technology has over the other, as well as where people are successfully using VDI in place of TS. These Speakeasy sessions are informal, with just a white board, lounge chairs, and beer, so a lively discussion is certainly guaranteed!


Monday, 8:30pm - The Who/What/When/Where/Why/How of client hypervisors

Gabe Knuth, Geek Speakeasy Lounge B, (in the center of the expo hall, during the opening party)

Gabe and Brian have spent quite a bit of time with client hypervisors recently. In this informal Geek Speakeasy lounge session, Gabe will talk about the players (Citrix, VMware, Virtual Computer, and Neocleus). He’ll talk about what’s publicly known about their products, when they expect to be released, why people would use them, and how they work.


Tuesday, 3:30pm - TS versus VDI

Premier Ballroom 314 & 315

This is the “real” TS versus VDI session, where Brian will be “VDI,” and Benny will be “TS.” It’s been a year since they first met at BriForum 2008 in Chicago. Since then, what’s the same and what’s different? How well are the two getting along? In this session, Rick Dehlinger will join the two quarreling guys to help them work out their differences.


Tuesday, 5:30pm - CTOs and CTPs: The Future of Application Delivery

Geek Speak Room (as part of Geek Speak Tonight)

In many ways, our industry is at an inflection point. The virtualization and application delivery market spaces have collided. IT is being forced to deliver in with less and adapt quickly to weather challenging economic times. The rate of change and innovation in technologies, business models, and consumption patterns is dizzying! In this context, getting some perspective on the future of the industry may be more than an interesting aside - it could be a matter of survival.

This session will provide some valuable perspective. We’ve assembled a panel of senior technologists who have a very real impact on the future of our industry. They’ll be discussing the 5 most important technology trends impacting our industry. Queue up your questions and opinions - you’ll have an opportunity to share them during this interactive panel discussion.

  • Simon Crosby - CTO, Virtualization & Management Division
  • Brad Pedersen - Chief Architect and Senior Fellow
  • Michael Harries - Director Strategy and Communications, CTO Office
  • Rick Dehlinger, CTP
  • Brian Madden, CTP
  • Bernhard Tritsch, CTP


Thursday, 9:00am - The Real Cost of VDI

Brian, Premier Ballroom 319

There are a lot of reasons people use new technology. Sometimes it offers business capability that wasn't there before. Sometimes regulatory or security requirements dictate new technologies. And sometimes (okay, most times), new technology is implemented to save money, both in the form of improved business processes and lower management costs.

The people selling VDI today typically tout its cost savings benefits. Terms like TCO, ROI, capex, and opex litter the PowerPoints.

In this conversation, Brian Madden will explore the "real" cost of VDI. He'll look at people who went down the VDI path and were very successful. He'll look at the people who went down that path and regretted it. He'll look at those who are currently trying to figure out the cost savings in their own environment.

This presentation is NOT about how to successfully implement VDI. It's not about WHERE it worked or WHY it didn't. Instead, it's all about the costs, with a focus on the "hidden" (yet very real) costs that most people don't consider until their first VDI project is behind them.

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