BriForum Europe Presenters and Sessions Announced

Can you believe that BriForum Europe (Oct. 4-6) is less than two months away?

Can you believe that BriForum Europe (Oct. 4-6) is less than two months away?

This is our third BriForum and the sessions get better with each one! This time around we made a major change in the way that we pick the sessions. Instead of inviting certain speakers and then asking them what they would like to present, we opened up the process to everyone and invited anyone to submit session proposals. The result of this is the list below; a very diverse and technical set of 35 breakout sessions. As you can see, this is not a "replay" of BriForum 2006 in the US earlier this year. The top 4 or 5 sessions from BriForum in the US will be presented in Europe, but the other 30 are brand new sessions with all new content!

We're compiling the session abstracts and speaker bios now, and we'll post the full details by next Wednesday.

Registration is now open for BriForum, although due to our venue this event is limited to only 200 attendees, and people are signing up fast. We highly recommend signing up soon if you want to attend.

And remember, attendees of BriForum 2006 in Washington DC this past April will get online access to all of these session videos for free. (And of course, attendees of BriForum Europe 2006 will get free online access to the videos from next year's BriForum 2007 in the US.)

Session Title Presenter(s)
Mission Impossible I & II - Printing Bernd Hausmann, Charlotte Künzel
Terminal Server Internals Bernhard Tritsch, Christa Anderson
Positioning SBC and Migration Project Best Practices Jeroen van de Kamp, Bernhard Tritsch, Ron Ogelsby
An Introduction to Programming with MFCOM Jason Conger
Managing Applications in a Terminal Services Environment Rick Mack
Effective Change Management and the Modern Application Deployment System Rick Dehlinger, Christa Anderson
Making real world use of the RMSummary database Shawn Bass
What's Really in the Bubble (Softicity) Anthony Kinney
Windows "Codename Longhorn" - What´s new in Roaming Profile Management and Active Directory Group Policy Management Josef Zeiler
Terminal Server API Programming Bernhard Tritsch
Terminal Server Licensing Christa Anderson
Citrix Access Gateway product range – isn’t it just CSG on a box? Brian DaBinett, David Coombes
64-bit Terminal Services and 64-bit Citrix Katie Koepke
Extending Web-based Longhorn TS Access – The Final Frontier Marc Freidhof, Daniel Winkler
Professional load and stress testing made easy with DeNamiK's LoadGen Daniel Nikolic, Ruben Giaccotto
Managed Microsoft Office Installations for Windows Terminal Server Patrick C. Rouse
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, a study in how to implement VDI in a Citrix environment from the ground up Ron Oglesby
How does Presentation Server work? Simon Frost
Designing Citrix farms for high availability: Datastore availability concepts and replication with MSSQL2005 Thorsten Rood
Citrix Web Interface 4.x customization Thomas Kötzing
Managing Strategic Access Solutions Shaun Attwood, Jonathan Allatt
Citrix Access Gateway and Advanced Access Control Jeff Pitsch
Citrix, Citrix on VMware, XP Pro on VMware: A performance comparison, and when to use each Ron Oglesby
Application Virtualization Strategy: When, How and What to virtualize? Rodney Medina
What Resource Manager Knows But Won't Tell You Jason Conger
Application Virtualization and Streaming Kjetil Ermesjø
Streaming and virtualizing applications Kim Øystein Næss
Show and Tell: Server Based Computing Performance Troubleshooting Michel Roth
Inside the Microsoft OS - Bad apps, threading executive, and memory subsystems Tim Mangan
The excruciating detail of the Citrix logon process Brian Madden, Kevin Goodman
The excruciating detail of the Citrix logoff process Brian Madden, Kevin Goodman
This is how we do it: Citrix recipes straight out of the Login Consultants secret kitchen … Part 2! Jeroen van de Kamp, Dennis Damen, S. Barthel
Program Neighborhood Agent Client Architecture: Presentation Server and Application Streaming Thorsten Rood
Bad Application Exposed Rick Mack
What's new in CPS 4.5 and an introduction to Tarpon Simon Frost

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait.  Will you be doing the same thing for the next BriForum in the U.S. as well?
I want BriForum Oz, now now now now NOW!
*crawls back under rock*
Allrite, so I registred right away but I'm still unclear on how I pay for the event? The registration form didn't ask for any credit card details nor did the confirmation mail.
I am so gutted that I won't be able to make it, maybe next time....  <sniff>
Drop me a line at some stage to discuss Andrew? I'll be moving to Sydney, as I have a start date of 3rd Oct. Dave
I registered 2 weeks ago for this event and haven't received an invoice to pay yet ??
Would have been easier to enter credit card details.
Hi everyone,
For BriForum Europe, we are sending invoices to everyone. With our event in the US, we received requests from most of the European attendees for invoices, so this is how we decided to handle this event.
Looking forward to seeing everyone--this is going to be a great event!
Ok, so I'm from Sweden, the country with most credit card unbelivers. Still I think it's a mistake to not charge right upfront with the credit card. Those invoices will take eons to track and I would assume that circa 20 percent or more of the people registrering will never pay. I think you will have a major disaster here!
another one for BriForum OZ...
how many attendees do we need to justify one Brian??
I think BriForum OZ is a great idea. We've been kicking around the idea internally and talking to some folks down there about logistics. Let's take this conversation offline and try to move forward on this topic. If you're interesting in BriForum OZ, drop me an email at and we'll go from there.

Hey Stuart,
I know it's too late for you :( but we have now enabled the site to take credit cards. Thanks for the feedback!
I see a lot of new content for Bri-Forum Europe, is there a possibility to have DVDs available?