BriForum 2013 Chicago "super early bird" registration discount ends tomorrow!

The BriForum 2013 Chicago super early bird discount ends tomorrow, Friday, April 26, so you only have two days to save $300 for this year's BriForum conference taking place July 30 -August 1.

The BriForum 2013 Chicago super early bird discount ends tomorrow, Friday, April 26, so you only have two days to save $300 for this year's BriForum conference taking place July 30 – August 1.

Now that we've announced this year's agenda and session descriptions, I hope you will consider joining Gabe, Jack and me this July. You know BriForum is the only place where you can get the most relevant best practices and "how-to's" from industry experts with proven, in-the-trenches experience dealing with the tools and technologies that you care most about.

We have secured over 40 sessions and speakers. (And remember, attendees get online video access to these sessions and the sessions from BriForum 2013 London after the show).

  • Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass - Are RDP8 and RemoteFX finally suitable for daily use?
  • Vincent Branger & Pierre Jean - Building a private DaaS solution for 5000 users based on Citrix Excalibur
  • Brian Katz & Dan Shappir - The Mobile App Platform Debate: Native vs. HTML5 vs. Hybrid
  • Brian Madden & Gabe Knuth - 5x15 (5 mini sessions, 15 minutes each, on apps, data, and 10 years of
  • Carl Webster - More things in Active Directory that can hurt your applications and desktop virtualization efforts…and how to fix them
  • Chetan Venkatesh - An objective look at In-memory Storage for VDI and Virtualization: The beginning of the very end of Storage, compute and life as we know it.
  • Claudio Rodrigues - From zero to RDS 2012 hero: Learn about all the new features 
  • Dan Brinkmann - 5 ways to cut the cost of VDI (What vendors aren't telling you)
  • Dan Shappir - Truth, Lies and HTML5: What the present and future of HTML5 hold in store for us
  • David Stafford - What got us here won't get us there: Today's IT needs to get with the times
  • Denis Gundarev - Citrix Internals: Tracing, Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Ian Parker - The new Xperf: Analyzing difficult problems with Xperf
  • Ian Parker - Performance analysis and monitoring of multiple servers on the cheap
  • Jack Madden - Enterprise Mobility Management: Jack's new book in 75 minutes
  • Jarian Gibson & Shane Kleinert - Desktop Virtualization Monitoring Bake Off: Comparing monitoring tools for desktop virtualization
  • Jason Conger - Customize all the things!  How to brand Web and Windows UI
  • Jason Conger - Mobile Enterprise Applications: FUIT or ITFTW (IT For The Win)
  • Jeroen van de Kamp - An insider's guide to virtualization best practices and performance with Windows 8 and Server 2012, including VDI vs. SBC. Virtual Reality Check, 2013 Edition
  • Jim Libersky - Real Time Intelligence for Securing a VM Environment
  • Jim Moyle - How do the new storage improvements in vSphere 5.1 help your desktop virtualization project?
  • Jim Moyle - The future of desktop deployment, what's happening with MCS and PVS, plus an alternative
  • Jo Harder - XenApp Printing: Still Painful After All These Years
  • John Whaley - Sandboxing Smackdown: Separating fact from fiction in sandboxing solutions
  • Kevin Kaminski - Application Packaging Smackdown
  • Michael Burke - Hyper-V and System Center: How good can it be? 2013 Edition
  • Michael Thomason - Automation 101: Learning how to automate tasks for horizontal scale
  • Mike Nelson - A crash course in Hyper-V for VMware administrators
  • Mike Nelson - Netscaler monitoring and reporting: Who, What, Where, and When?
  • Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen - Why IOPS suck and everything you know about them is probably wrong!
  • Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen - Why Folder Redirection sucks, but is a necessary evil that Shawn Bass will have to live with!
  • Noah Wasmer - Becoming an IT Hero: Leaping from Desktop Virtualization to Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Pierre Marmignon & Shawn Bass - Best Practices in SBC/VDI Environments, Part 2: OS streaming and optimizations
  • Rainer Enders - De-fence in Depth: How traditional network security applies in today's mobile world, how to secure mobile networks, and what strategies can we use to keep the network and our data secure?
  • Randy Cook - Hijacking Dropbox for fun and profit (Or maybe just for software distribution)
  • Rick Dehlinger - Going Deep: RDP8/RemoteFX session connectivity
  • Shane Kleinert & Jarian Gibson - Ingredients to a successful desktop virtualization bake-off: Results from past bake-offs and how to create your own
  • Shawn Bass - Passwords are dead. Two factor authentication is ready for the masses.
  • Simon Crosby - One ring to rule them all: Why every endpoint will be virtualized
  • Theresa Miller - XenApp 6 Back to Basics
  • Tim Mangan - Debugging in App-V 5
  • Yury Magalif - Tips and tricks on building agentless antivirus scanners for Virtual Desktops.
  • Zach Hughes - Windows tablets in the real world: Myths debunked and lessons learned

Additionally, you can look forward to these 15 minute Lightning Round sessions:

  • Michael Thomason - Development Smackdown - How IT people can speak Developer
  • Srini Gurrapu - Why Application Prxoxy Network Services is critical to secure and manage all Mobile Apps and BYOD
  • Tim Mangan - What's New in Microsoft App-V
  • Benny Tritsch - Using Windows 8 Hyper-V and Azure to build great demo and test environments

Visit the BriForum website to see our complete conference agenda and session descriptions, and register now before the $300 discount ends this Friday (after which the price increases from $1,295 to $1,495).

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