BriForum 2012 London Call for Papers is now open!

Last year we had our first ever BriForum in London, and it was such a great experience that we're bringing it back for 2012 (23-24 May). Part of the BriForum experience is seeing sessions from your peers that cover real-world, technical issues going on today.

Last year we had our first ever BriForum in London, and it was such a great experience that we're bringing it back for 2012 (23-24 May). Part of the BriForum experience is seeing sessions from your peers that cover real-world, technical issues going on today. At BriForum, there isn't any rah-rah marketing and showing off technology that's six months away. BriForum is about linking the community with the information and answers that they need right now.

The reason BriForum is so amazing is that every single non-sponsored session is put through our Call for Papers process, which we use to select the best sessions for each BriForum. Each year we have some familiar names and faces on the list of presenters, but we can also boast that between 10% and 15% of our speakers are presenting at their first-ever show!

Like years past, we're accepting sessions on just about any topic related to desktop or application virtualization. BriForum is a technical conference, so the more technical and real-world your session, the better.

Session submissions are due February 24, 2012, and you will be notified whether your session was accepted or rejected on March 13.

The general experience for speakers is the same as years past. So if your session is accepted:

  • We pay your travel to/from London
  • We pay for your hotel while in London
  • We pay for your conference admission

If you're session has multiple presenters, we can only pay for the primary speaker (the person who fills out the form). We can sometimes work out a deal, though, to get you both there. (For example, both speakers get admission to the conference, but they have to share a hotel room and pay their own travel.) If you have any questions, please email Lindsay Jeanloz (

From a technical standpoint, here's what you need to know:

  • No more 1024x768 - go with whatever resolutions fits on the projector. Keep it realistic, though, since we don't really know what the projectors will be.
  • We will record your session. While you will own the content as your intellectual property, part of the submission process is you giving us permission to publish the video, etc…
  • There is no video capture box anymore, so no need to worry about all that extra stuff.
  • You do, however, have to have the appropriate adapters to connect your laptop to the projector. We also have a few spare laptops in case you need them.
  • All sessions are 75 minutes long.

If you'd like to present at this year's BriForum in London (there will be a separate announcement for the Chicago show, which takes place in July), you can submit your session information via this web form:

There are a few important notes about submissions before you get started:

  • If you want to submit multiple sessions, that's great! Just make sure you submit them separately, otherwise they'll get lost in the mix.
  • You're welcome to submit sessions on whatever you want, but of course we're looking for the content that has the most broad appeal.
  • The session must be submitted by the presenter. If you're not in the weeds enough to submit your own session, we probably don't want your session. Anything not submitted by the listed presenter will be ignored.
  • If you work for a vendor, you can still submit a session. However, you cannot submit a session about your company's product. (Example, Kevin Goodman, who works for VMware, and I did a session last year about User Installed Apps. That was fine. We would not have accepted a session from him talking about the advantages of VMware View, however.) This has been an issue in the past, so if you're unsure about this policy, please read this.

Below is a list of example topics as listed in the Call for Papers section on

Server-Based Computing

  • Microsoft Windows Terminal Services / Remote Desktop
  • Citrix XenApp and the Citrix Access Platform
  • Smaller SBC vendors, such as Quest Software, Ericom, 2X, Jetro Platforms, Propalms, HOBsoft, Leostream, etc.

Application Virtualisation & Streaming

  • Microsoft App-V
  • Citrix XenApp Streaming
  • Symantec Workspace Virtualisation (formerly Altiris SVS)
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Smaller vendors, such as InstallFree, Xenocode, etc.

Desktop Virtualisation

  • VDI / Server-hosted desktops
  • Blade PCs / Blade workstations
  • Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Microsoft VDI bundle, Quest, Symantec, etc.
  • Client-based VMs and client hypervisors

Installing and Managing Centralised Applications

  • Operations Management
  • Application Streaming and Virtualisation
  • Business Impacts created by Server-based Computing
  • Cloud Computing (as it related to desktops and apps)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Licensing
  • Scalability and High-Availability
  • Security
  • Scripting and Programming
Plus, we've branched into the Consumerization of IT, so anything effecting that space is also considered for BriForum this year.
Happy submitting, and hopefully we'll see you at BriForum!


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Hi Brian,

I'm big fan!

Just a quick question if you don't mine:

What are the rules or principles for success with Citrix?

Many thanks, Leo