BriForum 2012 Chicago is this week. If you're not attending, how can we help you?

The 12th BriForum kicks off tomorrow morning at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago. 50+ sessions, 40+ speakers, 500 attendees make up the largest independent end user computing conference in the world.

The 12th BriForum kicks off tomorrow morning at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago. 50+ sessions, 40+ speakers, 500 attendees make up the largest independent end user computing conference in the world. Twitter's been lighting up with stories of people making their way to Chicago, and everyone seems excited.

But for those of you who are not attending BriForum, what can we do on that would be the most value for you? Do you want to follow the tweets? Live blogs of sessions? Brian & Gabe LIVE podcasts? Daily summary articles?

Of if there's anything you want us to look for or to ask any of the speakers, vendors, or attendees? If you haven't taken a look at the breakout sessions, here's an overview: (or look at the full descriptions of each)

  • 10 Cool Ways to Use NetScaler to Deliver Hosted Virtual Desktops
  • 10 Things in AD That Can Hurt Your Application and Desktop Virtualization Efforts (And How to Fix Them)
  • 10 Ways My Users Said, "FUIT"
  • 50 VMware Tips Covering Whole Depth of End User Confusion
  • A Deep Dive into App-V 5.0
  • BYOD: Your Complete DIY Kit
  • Citrix CloudGateway Express and Enterprise: Notes from the Field
  • Citrix Networking for XenApp/XenDesktop Administrators
  • Cool Statistics Tricks to Make You Look Like a Hero
  • Demystifying Microsoft Licensing for Client Virtualization Environments
  • Deploying VDI with Windows Server 2012: Fast, Easy, & Fun!
  • Display Remoting in a Mobile World
  • Do You Think Your Citrix Environment is Secure Enough? Ready or Not, Here I Come!
  • Embracing FUIT: A Corporate IT Survival Guide
  • Getting VDI Functionality Without Actually Doing VDI
  • How SAML, OAUTH, and Other Identity Federation Solutions Work in a Windows Enterprise, and Why Windows Apps Can’t Be More Like Web Apps
  • How SCCM and MS Deployment Toolkit can Rebuild Your XP Environment Into a Virtual (or not) Windows 7 Environment
  • HTML5 Browser-based Remote Access Clients from the Inside Out
  • HTML5: The New Application Platform
  • I Need a Mobile Strategy Too?
  • Ingredients to a Successful Desktop Virtualization Bake-off
  • Is Windows 8 Really Ready to be Virtualized – A Look into the Feature and Resource Changes Made for Virtualization to Microsoft’s New Client OS
  • Layers Upon Layers: an in Depth Exploration into the Technical Details Of How Layering Works
  • Mobile Enterprise Applications – FUIT or ITFTW?
  • New Insights: A Virtual Reality Check on Anti-Virus for VDI and Windows 8/2012 performance
  • Reducing & Measuring IOPS in VDI
  • Server Performance Troubleshooting and Benchmarking the Quick and Easy Way
  • Server Virtualization: Smashing Success. Desktop Virtualization: Not so much. Why? How You Can Solve Common VDI Problems in 2012
  • Sticking it to the Man - How to Build a Complete VDI Infrastructure on Free and Open Source Components
  • Storage in the Virtual World Part 1: Introduction
  • Storage in the Virtual World Part 2: Advanced Concepts
  • The Essential VDI Design Guide
  • The Future of the Enterprise Desktop
  • The Reality of RemoteFX in Server 2012
  • The Strength of PowerShell in One Line – Consultant Edition
  • The Technology Behind The Debate: Under The Covers Of Mobile Device Management
  • VDI is Less Secure Than Physical Desktops: The Reality That Nobody Wants to Talk About
  • Virtual Desktop Best Practices
  • WAN Accelerators and Desktop Virtualization: A Look at How WAN Optimization Products Work and When to Use Them
  • Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services: an Unbiased Review
  • From Chaos to Confidence: Overcoming Environmental Disaster with VDI
  • Inside Group Policy Processing
  • Performance Monitoring in Hyper-V
  • The Tools I Use
  • The Importance of Windows SysInternals Tools
  • Welcome to the Dataverse
  • Accessing Data Anywhere: Making the Secure Way the Easy Way
  • Alternative Approaches To Meeting VDI Storage Performance Requirements – 2 Case Studies
  • BYOD and What It REALLY Means for IT
  • BYOD “Worst” Practices: How to fail at BYOD
  • Conversations from the Corner Office; How to Talk to Your CXO about Desktop Virtualization
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Client Computing Overview
  • Making Virtualization Simple Again
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity of VDI?
  • Real Life Usage of Desktop Virtualization to Enable Consumerization and Enhance Client Management
  • The Practitioner’s Guide to Delivering Applications and Content in the New PC Era
  • The Roadmap to Providing IT as a Service
  • The Top 10 New Ways to Leverage Client Virtualization
  • The USER is King – How and Why User Management Solutions Need to Evolve

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Would love to see live video and same day On-Demand sessions, similar to Synergy, Tech-Ed, and small shows like Tech Field Day.  If the Tech Field Day guys can pull it off I know you guys can!  I would be more than wiling to pay a price for online access to Bri-Forum!  Im sure it's too late but maybe next time...

Besides that, I would love to hear live podcasts including a daily wrap up show, interviews with emerging vendors, and interviews with the big boys like Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware.  I hope Jack can also do some live blogging and podcasts for!

Keep up the great work guys!!


Ditto Scott's interest and willingness to pay for same day video access.


Cool.. keep the ideas coming. We'll look at a live streaming option for next year. We might also have the ability for someone to sponsor that so it could be free online.

BTW the videos are available for sale afterwards.. I think it's $495, and you get access to all the 2012 videos (from London & Chicago). The videos are turned around quick.. many the same day, all of them within a few days of the show being over.