BriForum 2010 early-bird registration ends next week! ($500 discount)

BriForum 2010 will take place at the Chicago Hilton from June 15-17 this year. The regular registration price is $1495, although we're currently in the final few days of our early-bird promo where you can register for only $995.

BriForum 2010 will take place at the Chicago Hilton from June 15-17 this year. The regular registration price is $1495, although we're currently in the final few days of our early-bird promo where you can register for only $995. The early-bird rate ends next Friday, March 19.

This year's BriForum will be our 8th one, and we still feel this is the biggest independent desktop virtualization conference in the world that's hyper-focused on technical, real-world information. We'll have four breakout rooms and three days, with a total of 56 75-minute technical sessions.

Like previous years, BriForum 2010 is a community event, and everyone is invited to submit proposals for breakout sessions. (If we accept your session, we'll pay your airfare, hotel, and conference admission!)

And of course our DEMO lab will be back where we expect 30 of the hottest vendors in the desktop virtualization space to show you how their stuff works. (Remember, these vendors bring their tech folks, not their marketing folks.)

So come to BriForum 2010 to learn what's what!


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Thanks for the reminder Brian. Would be nice to know what's on the agenda this year before registering. When will the session list be available?


Well, the call for papers process is still open, so the agenda isn't final yet. (Although we're going through the process of notifying the first round of speakers that they've been accepted.)

That said, we'll be able to get the first batch on the site next week, so you'll have a few days to check them out.. The sessions look really great this year BTW!


Yeah I concur. I'd like to see the agenda and a provisional sample of the topics and speakers. Maybe a news post for friday, Brian?


We won't be able to get a post out on Friday with the sessions, but maybe Monday.  It's a list of 24 or so sessions right now, but that will grow to between 50-60, if memory serves, after the April 1 deadline.


Thanks Gabe, I understand + gotta admit that I didn't read the previous posts before hitting "Add". Sorry about  that. I look forward to next weeks teaser.


Will you have cover for the "Client Side Type I Hypervisor" up coming market and get away all the FUD around it ?

Startups, CTXS, MSFT, VMW... are all around it... Just heard that CTXS was delaying XenClient, and VMW were dropping CVP for some type of bundle including Linux kernel/Workstation and ACE, Phoenix HyperSpace is no more available for download...


We'd be happy to participate directly in a type-1 client hypervisor run down and/or provide testing/demo software to a vendor-independent BriForum speaker.

There are a lot of differences among the various vendor approaches, so I think drilling into the functional details and trade-offs in a structured, fact-based discussion would be really valuable in cutting through the FUD.

Doug (Virtual Computer)


@Doug Lane

Why is it that you guys do not provide a demo readibly from your site? If perhaps you know of me from previous I gotta tell, I ran for hills when you guys mentioned MS Virtual Server 2005. I'm yet to recover from that total shock. *shivering*



In Aug. of last year, we moved from Virtual Sever to Hyper-V as the foundation of our back-end management server.  (At the time we started developing our product, Hyper-V was still in beta, so we went with Virtual Server as an interim solution.)  Hopefully, that brings you from a shiver to maybe a mild chill. :)

As far as ways to check out our product go, we provide eval. software fairly readily to folks who don't mind setting up a Server 2008 box for the management server plus one PC to run the client on.  In most cases, prospective customers have preferred to test both sides in their own environment.

Since there are many folks with a legitimate interest who don't have a spare Server 2008 box sitting around, we recently set up a hosted evaluation server in the cloud that makes it easier to try the end-to-end product out.  Feel free to shoot me a note at doug(dot)lane(at)virtualcomputer(dot)com if you would like to give it a whirl.

We also generally do weekly webinars for people talking to our sales folks and want to see the product in action.  I am thinking about creating a more public registration for this in the coming weeks for our website visitors.

Finally, one of my colleagues and I are working on some new demo videos for the website.  We have already recorded them.  Just working on editing them together.  Should have them live the week after next.



Thanks for the additional info.