BriForum 2007 technical breakout session list is now available (60 sessions so far!)

Now that we're into 2007, the planning for BriForum 2007 is moving into full swing. We've just completed the technical breakout session list.

Now that we're into 2007, the planning for BriForum 2007 is moving into full swing. We've just completed the technical breakout session list. Continuing the trend, this BriForum (our fourth one!?!) will be the biggest yet, with 60 sessions on the agenda so far.

In the past we've had three breakout rooms for all three days. For 2007, we'll have to add a fourth room for at least part of the conference. The number of sessions is something that we thought hard about. We didn't want to have a set "target" number because we didn't want to have to turn away good content. Then again, we recognize that it can be a pain to go to a conference that has four simultaneous sessions where you have to think, "which session will I attend?" six times a day.

That said, we received well over 100 session submissions from over 50 people, so it's taken a bit longer to go through them all and to work out the details with the presenters to make sure that nothing overlaps.

We decided it would be okay to expand a little bit since we formally decided to cover the complete application delivery technology landscape instead of just focusing on server-based computing. This means that we needed a bit more room to really explore the technical nuances of desktop virtualization and application streaming. This year we've also added a whole series of sessions that cover the basics that are often overlooked: profiles, architecture, printing.. we'll cover all of this.

Another big change for 2007 is that we're re-writing the engine that delivers videos of the conference. It's still going to be that cool side-by-side format that we've used for the past few conferences, except the new application is being re-written in Flash. Not only will this make the videos cross-platform (for any Mac geeks out there), but it means that we can dump the videos into our new system directly without having to compile and render the Quicktime movies. This means that the session videos will be posted in a matter of days, not weeks, and the DVDs will be available in weeks, not months.

All this, and we're proud to say that the registration price is remaining the same for 2007! (By the way, the early-bird registration price of $695 ends on January 15th. After that the full price of $895 will be in effect.)

So thanks to everyone for your submissions and ideas for BriForum. We're so proud of the fact that this is truly a community event. Our 30+ speakers are directly from the forums and email lists that we all use every day. (We have 11 Citrix CTPs and 10 Microsoft MVPs speaking too.)

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Brian,  Glad to see you are broadening the scope a little to include more application delivery technology discussions.   I think these sessions will have a great turnout.  
Looking forward to more bomb threats!