BriForum 2006: The agenda is final (and it freaking rocks!)

I just got finished putting together the final agenda for BriForum 2006. Man oh man.

I just got finished putting together the final agenda for BriForum 2006. Man oh man.. there are a TON of sessions this year. Check it out...

Some of the "bright" ideas I had for this year were (a) to make the sessions variable length (anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes), (b) to have different skill levels for different sessions, and (c) to have four breakout sessions running at once instead of three.

Why do I put "bright" in quotes? Because while that seemed like a good idea at the time, it made scheduling all the sessions a nightmare. Katie and I literally spent the past two days trying to arrange the sessions. We had to fall back onto the "old school" method of using actual paper!

Check out my dining room table:

Seriously, this agenda is absolutely amazing (something like 63 breakout sessions and 67 hours of content). This is going to be such an awesome conference and I'm really excited for it! We have an incredible speaking staff with incredible sessions.

There's still time to register if you haven't done so yet. (The hotels are almost sold out though, so register soon!)

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Is that a Crockpot?
Whats for Dinner?
You are a funny guy, Keep up the good work!
I was delighted to see that this years evening party will be held at a billiard hall, just as we had last year.
We had SO much fun and enjoyed every minute of it !

And there are planty of top notch sessions to attend, so no time to waste, lets go to Washington !
See 'ya there !
Special K
And I should add that just like last year, we're serving a "real" dinner while we're there. I heard that some people didn't go to the dinner last year because they thought that we'd only be eating hot wings. While of course we'll have plenty of hot wings and beer, we'll have real food too.
Most importantly, is it going to be an cash bar, or one of the $x per person per hour, drink yourself stupid options?  :D

First off, I will kick everyone's butt in billiards...
oh wait, I suck at billiards.  GAH!
Brian, there are so many great topics here that there will be some tough choices to make in the competing time slots. A nice problem to have and another good reason for the DVD. http:
Well keep in mind that all attendees receive downloadable access to the videos of all sessions. So as an attendee, there is no reason to buy a DVD.. You can immediately download whatever sessions you miss!
When will you open the blogging site for this years event ?
It would be cool if we could start the blogging a week before or something, and be mentally prepared to meet the rest of the gang.
Special K
Great Idea! I am going to send out the email on Monday with all the instructions on how to log in and stuff.. but I'll go ahead and open up blogging at that time too..

Good thinking!!