BrainSys releases free session lockdown and profile management suite

Frequent readers of this site know that we love free tools. Now a Belgian Citrix consulting partner called BrainSys has released a free Terminal Server and Citrix management suite called "BrsSuite.

Frequent readers of this site know that we love free tools. Now a Belgian Citrix consulting partner called BrainSys has released a free Terminal Server and Citrix management suite called “BrsSuite.” BrsSuite is two things: (1) A database-based profile and user environment management product, and (2) an application lockdown tool that can be used to restrict what users can run.

The BrsSuite profile management component lets you graphically configure different things for different users (printers, shares, etc.) and stores the configuration in a centralized SQL database. This tool competes against triCerat’s Simplify Profiles, Managed Profiles, Jumping Profiles, Vistorm’s Profile Manager, Appsense’s Environment Manager, and of course the free Flex Profile Kit.

The BrsSuite application lockdown tool competes against triCerat’s Simplify Lockdown, Appsense’s Application Manager, and Windows 2003’s software restriction policies.

So why is BrainSys giving this suite away for free? This is because BrainSys is a consulting company, not a product company. Much like the free solutions from other consulting companies (like Login Consultants or visionapp), BrainSys wants to share their work with the community to help increase awareness of their company and to give a little bit back to the greater good.

Why not test it out and share your experience below?

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in the headline... "BrianSys", huh?
Maybe some ego-lapsus? :-P
Cheers :)
That's awesome! (although I just fixed it now.)
good name for a company maybe...

New from BrianSys Inc.: SBCwizard.NET
Either that or I am doing something wrong. I created the domain group and added administrator. Downloaded brsuitelogon.exe and brssuiteadmin.exe. Created the ini file. Started brssuiteadmin. It will not allow me to create a database. I manually created one and it lets me in but cannot find any tables. Any ideas?
Which version of BrsSuiteAdmin ?
Which version of SQL ?
Is SQL security integrated or mixed ?
Do you have NT4 domain, Win 2000 or 2003 active directory ?
If active directory, is it native mode or mixed mode ?
oups, I posted as anonymous

my email in case of : or via our support forum on
You should also check that the path for database and logs is correct, by default it goes to C:\Program Files...... (on the SQL Server)
Check with your Db admin for the correct path

If you use integrated security, please check you have the necessary rights to create a database (or use the sa user + password...)

one little question. what kind of free solution provides visionapp?

1. visionapp provided a free 5-server version of their new deployment suite to everybody who attended my session at BriForum -- until today we shipped 40 free copies of the product to people from the global SBC community.

2. Moreover, we started sharing an open version of a sample implementation of a seamless windows engine implemented in .NET with the SBC community. But this is for "hard core" developers only.

3. At PubForum I had a free version of tool with me that allows the management of multiple RDP connections -- a little bit like the Remote Desktop MMC Snap-In, but including cool features regarding server grouping and management of login credentials. BUT the tool had a major bug we discovered a PubForum. Now the bug is fixed and the tool will be provided for free in a couple of days. I will announce it on if Brian allows me to do so ;-)

Benny Tritsch
thanks for your answer.

is there a chance to get a free copy of the 5-server version without being an attendee of your session at BriForum?
Not as long as you stay anonymous ;-) Just send me an e-mail with your REAL name to and we can discuss the options you have in order to get a free 5-server copy of vPMS.

Hi , I had attended free bootcamp for CCVP earlier ... same way i am looking for Free bootcamp for CCA MP 4 , is there any place wheere i can find that ?
Please let me know thanks