Blue Cedar takes their mobile app management to the next level

The MAM and VPN company, formerly part of Mocana, can now handle more challenging apps like VoIP and Xamarin-based apps.

The last time we checked in with Blue Cedar was when they were spinning out of Mocana, a little over a year ago. Since then, they’ve raised funding, continued their commitment to standalone MAM and their VPN, and refined their core app security technology. I spoke to John Aisen, CEO, and Chris Ford, their recently-joined chief product officer, to learn about today’s announcement.

For a quick reminder, on the MAM side, Blue Cedar does what for a long time has been calling app wrapping (though they like the term ‘injection’); you take an app binary, run it through an automated process that adds security features, and then sign it. On the networking side, they have a VPN (available as a virtual or physical appliance) that’s especially designed to handle the needs of mobile apps (high volumes of short, frequent sessions that have to connect super fast). You can see how this all comes together in their Atlas platform in this demo video we recorded back when they were still with Mocana.

Today, Blue Cedar is announcing updates to their app security injection technology. They’ve been rebuilding it so that it will work in more situations:

  • Apps injected with Blue Cedar will now pass inspection so they can be distributed in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This opens up customer-facing use cases.
  • Apps are getting better at federation with each other. They can share certificates, instead of having to enroll each app individually, and apps can open links in Blue Cedar’s browser app, Compass.
  • It works with Xamarin apps now.
  • It works with VoIP apps.
  • And it will work with mail apps. (They have customers using it to deploy TouchDown and Nacho Cove.)

Not all MAM SDKs and app wrappers can do all these things. Over the years I’ve heard lots of complaints along the lines of “app wrapper X isn’t compatible with app Y and breaks app Z.” So kudos to Blue Cedar for tackling these more challenging situations; they note their Layer 3 VPN as key for this.

On the go to market side, you’ll immediately notice that Blue Cedar’s website and press release emphasizes their ‘secure the app, not the device’ philosophy, calling their product an MDM alternative. John and Chris told me that they’ve honed their strategy and messaging, with two focus areas on employee mobility and line of business apps.

As I’ve been saying for years, even though iOS and Android have some built-in MAM features, there’s still a big need to standalone MAM, and for companies that specialize in it. (Many companies also use MAM products like Blue Cedar alongside other EMM products.)

With today’s announcement, Blue Cedar is pushing their MAM capabilities farther. There’s no doubt that it will fill some important needs.

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