"Because we can!" Distribute App-V apps via USB stick with our free new tool.

With this App-V USB Tool you can distribute your apps via USB sticks.

Cool, finally we released it. My colleagues Peter Nap and Rodney Medina (www.softgridblog.com) made the free App-v USB tool available for download. With this App-V USB Tool you can distribute your apps via USB sticks. 

The App-V USB Tool is an add-on to the App-V 4.5 Client. It makes it possible to automatically, or by request, import and register App-V enabled (sequenced) applications into the App-V Client from any USB storage device. Note: This will only work with applications that are sequenced with App-V 4.5 sequencer or above.

When the App-V USB tool is running it displays an icon in the system tray.

App-V USB Tool systray icon

As soon as you insert a USB storage device, the App-V USB tool detects this and shows the following options.

App-V USB Tool storage detect dialog

When you select “Scan and Auto-Import all Virtual Applications” it will scan the complete USB storage device for App-V 4.5 sequences and import these automatically.
When you select “Scan and show list of found Virtual Applications” it will show a list of these applications. You can then select which applications you would like to import.

App-V USB Tool list of detected applications

Once the tool is installed, there is also an option to right-click on any folder (local or USB storage) that contains App-V 4.5 sequences, and Auto Import.

App-V USB Tool explorer integration

 Download here.

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Where does the app state go (writes)?  Is it stored on the local machine or the usb stick?


My guess is that they're not changing the way the App-V client works, they're just loading it into cache.  But having not tested it myself, that's just a guess.



It's what Shan says. We don't change the way App-V works.

Thinking of this. If this is a requirement for a customer or so, we can make this work with in combination with Immidio Flex Profiles Advanced.

Because then we can decouple App-V user settings from the App-V delta (.PKG) files and make these even domain independent.




Think bigger!  Tool should be configurable to scan a UNC/URL Share instead of USB drive only.  Steal logic from my "stand alone client" script that also looks for DSC dependencies and prompts user to add those too.


@Tim Mangan

The tool accepts a path as commandline argument, so what you want is already possible!

With the option /quiet it will suppress the question to Import or AutoImport.


Peter Nap

Developer of the App-V USB Tool

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