Band of merry misfits assembles to guide the direction of VDI

From the "so close," department, a few weeks ago we learned that a new coalition has been formed around VDI, calling themselves The VDI Coalition. Not to be confused with the VDI Alliance, the other VDI Alliance, the VDI Industry Consortium, Blade.

From the "so close," department, a few weeks ago we learned that a new coalition has been formed around VDI, calling themselves The VDI Coalition. Not to be confused with the VDI Alliance, the other VDI Alliance, the VDI Industry Consortium,, or the Bad News Bears, this VDI Coalition promises to "develop and promote solution architectures and best practices that will provide customers with a blueprint for optimizing VDI in their environment, remove the risk of single-vendor lock in, and ensure the highest levels of performance, security and cost containment."

So, um, good luck with that.

The VDI Coalition is made up of five companies:

  • Glasshouse
  • Pano Logic
  • Silver Peak
  • Virsto
  • Xiotech


Really? Can this motley crew drive the industry forward? Do we really think that if Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and others couldn't do it, that these folks will? They have about zero mindshare in the industry, so I'm not sure how banding together into a coalition is going to really affect change.

The *** of it is that each of these companies are fine companies on their own. But they hardly offer a complete solution. This is like a sun roof manufacturer, a seat belt fabric vendor, a tire company, a gasoline company and a local body shop creating an "electric car coalition." There are a few holes in the total package, and the Toyotas, GMs, and Volkswagens of the world are just sitting on the sidelines snickering.

But this whole thing seems a bit hasty? Is it really VDI-only? Does a single solution really need both Virsto & Xiotech? Do the SMB clients that Pano Logic targets really need Virsto or Xiotech? Are these Glasshouse's primary vendors? Why aren't Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware on this list? What does the coalition recommend for app virtualization? How about user virtualization?

Make no mistake.. I have nothing against any of these companies. It's just that they're all smaller and not really mindshare-type people, and all their stuff combined is still only about 50% of what you need.

[UPDATE Dec 14 10:50am, Well, the VDI Coalition website just removed my twitter feed from their home page. I guess sharing the views of an independent analyst is only good as long as that analyst only writes what you want to hear. (Dunno if I should be surprised?) It's ok though. There are plenty of other analysts and bloggers who will say whatever you pay them to.] 

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@Brian,your post reminded of a classic moment in Monty Python's epic Life of Brian  (substitute Microsoft for Romans)


Oh man! Best video comment ever!

For those who can't watch, it's the scene where the Peoples' Front of Judea is upset that Brian thought that they were the Judean Peoples' Front..

then replacing the word "Romans" with "Microsoft.. ' HAHA! Chetan! Best comment ever!!


Awe Brian,

Lest you forget, a band of merry misfits just won the world series.  


I thought this may be a play on words considering it is the time of year when Rudolph finds homes for the Misfit Toys!

Isn't that Sily?


I came across this for the first time yesterday as well and had the same reaction.  

Individually these are good companies with good technology, but assembled this way the sum is less than the value of the parts. I was meaning to ask if the presence of your twitter feed meant that you had some relationship with the group, I'm rather glad I don't have to now.