Are you going to VMworld 2007? Want to blog about it on

At, we've more-or-less officially started paying attention to what VMware is doing and tracking the virtualization market, especially now that Citrix plans to acquire XenSource.

At, we've more-or-less officially started paying attention to what VMware is doing and tracking the virtualization market, especially now that Citrix plans to acquire XenSource. We're trying to maintain our focus on application delivery, but we realize that hardware virtualization plays a big part in what that means for companies.

To that end, conferences like VMworld now fall squarely within the area that readers of this site are interested in. Unfortunately VMworld takes place September 11-13 in San Francisco, and neither Gabe nor I can attend. In fact, there are now so many conferences that are interesting that the two us of cannot possibly attend them all. (Ironically I'll actually be in San Francisco on Sept 7 and 8 for The Singularity Summit 2007: AI and the Future of Humanity--but that's just for fun. I have to be back on the East Cost on September 10.)

In our discussions, Gabe and I figured that we can reach out to the community to find people who can attend various conferences and blog about them on We're thinking that we can set up a blog for each conference and then add the blogger or bloggers to the group. We'l then create a dedicated "box" on the right-hand side of the homepage for the blog posts and feature interesting posts on the main section of the home page.

We can also work with the bloggers to help them out financially. Maybe we can either pay them or offer to pay their conference admissions or something like that, depending on how this all works out.

So let's expiriment with VMworld in a few weeks. If you're attending and you'd like to blog about it on our site, send me an email. I don't know what we can do about payment since it's kind of late and your plans are already made, but we can probably work something out with free BriForum DVDs or something. We need to work out some kind of system that encourages people in the proper way.

Also, thanks to our website, we get tons of emails from vendors who will be at these conferences asking whether we want to meet with them or receive briefings at the conference. If you're blogging for us for a show, I think we can work with you and the vendors to get you access to people and briefings that you might not be able to get on your own.

What do you think? Does this sound like a plan, or are we missing anything?

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I also can't go to VMworld, but would love to hear about it.

Ditto!  I was planning on going, but there's just TOO much crap going on in the Sept/Oct timeframe.



I will be attending in addition to participating on a panel session.  I emailed Brian.



I'll be attending VMworld again this year.  They originally wanted San Francisco last year but weren't able to get the size of the conference center that they needed for this event.  So I imagine this year they'll put on quite the conference.

 I mailed Brian and indicated that I could post some during the conference.  It's a great opportunity to learn about virtualization and talk with everyone to get their ideas.


It looks like they are going to work on saturating the market with reduced pricing of their flagship product:


One more article indicating that they will have a new offering called Foundation:


I like to blog.  Be at conference.  Kan i blog for u
I would like to go, but the entry fee is >$1700.  That's about nine trips to the massage parlours in the City, so no dice.