Answers to Questions about Videos, Availability, and DVDs

Hello All, I have posted all of the video and audio content that I have right now.

Hello All,

I have posted all of the video and audio content that I have right now. (32 hours of content is now up there!) At this point there are only two sessions missing:

  • Ron Oglesby's session on VMware and Virtual Server wasn't included in all the encoded stuff we got from the video folks. They'll have to go back to the original tapes and re-encode that this week. (Don't ask me when. I promise you I'll post it the instant I get it!)
  • Alex Balcanquall's (The Microsoft TS Product Guy) session is missing the Q&A portion. Again, we'll grab that from the tape and re-encode it this week.

As for the DVD, yes, there will be a DVD available. I don't exactly know when. It will go to production this week, and it really depends on how long the production takes. I don't have the exact details for the DVD, but here's what we're thinking right now:

We'd like to put higher quality content on the DVD than what is available for download. The downloadable videos have a resolution of 320x240, and all 32 hours of content total about 2GB. We recorded the sessions on Digital DVCAM tapes, but to make "standard" DVDs that are high-def and play on a regular DVD player would require something like 12 discs for the whole set! Therefore we're going to make a DVD-ROM that you can play on your computer. Right now we're looking at making a 2-disc set (or maybe a double-sided DVD) which will give us about 9GB to work with. That will allow us to double the resolution of the session videos (which will quadruple the file sizes). A 640x480 video should allow the screen content to be fairly readable. Plus we'll also include the original PPT files on the video so you can follow along.

I'll know more this week about availability, but like I said, this is a high priority for us, so I'm hoping that we can get them very soon. I've never made a DVD before, so this will be fun!

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