Announcing the list of sessions for BriForum 2016 Boston (July 26-28)!

The hardest week of our year, selecting BriForum sessions, is over, and we're finally ready to announce the list of sessions for both BriForum 2016 Boston! Once again, we are blown away by the number of quality submissions to pick from, and we can't wait to see it all come together July 26-28.

The hardest week of our year, selecting BriForum sessions, is over, and we're finally ready to announce the list of sessions for both BriForum 2016 Boston! Once again, we are blown away by the number of quality submissions to pick from, and we can't wait to see it all come together July 26-28.

You can read a more detailed version of the selection process here, but in general we do at several passes over the submissions. The first is blind, just looking at titles and abstracts (no speaker names). From there, we go through speaker names, previous ratings, content areas, physical location, and which shows they want to present at. It's exhaustive, but we take the selection process very seriously, and we're extremely grateful to everyone that donated their time and energy to submit!

As usual, we wanted to choose way more sessions than we could actually fit into both shows, so we focused our efforts on having as many unique sessions as possible between both shows. Don't worry if you see a session at one show that isn't at the one you can attend! We record every session and let attendees of one show view the sessions from both shows after they're posted. You can get a taste of what to expect by checking out last year's videos, which we opened up to the community earlier this year.

Here's the list of sessions. Keep in mind, titles may change to be more descriptive, but the content of the sessions won't. Also note that there will be sessions from Brian, Jack, and I that aren't on this list mainly because we tailor our sessions based on the other content at a show. For more information on BriForum, visit We should have session descriptions posted shortly. You can also see the list of BriForum 2016 London sessions here.

Speaker Name(s) Session Title
Aaron Parker & Shane Kleinert Managing the Modern User Experience in a Hybrid World
Anton van Pelt Deploy Citrix XenMobile in an Enterprise Environment
Benny Tritsch Pandora's Test Box: Ultimate Lessons Learned when Benchmarking Virtual Desktops
Brian Katz Changing face of Apps in the future of mobile
Brian Katz & Jack Madden The future evolution of EMM
Carl Webster (re)Designing Your Active Directory
Christoph Hammer Low-Level Print Analysis - An update
Dane Young Why Hyper-V 2016 and Storage Spaces Direct may be the right HCI solution for your next XenApp or XenDesktop Deployment
Dane Young, Jarian Gibson & Shane Kleinert Battle of the Clouds for End User Computing: An Independent View of Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware Cloud Solutions
Denis Gundarev Why Your Test Environment is Useless
Denis Gundarev Windows and Office Activation in VDI World: The Definitive Guide 
Dwayne Lessner Horizon 7: New features and how it impacts your user experience. 
Eduardo Molina & Jared Gibson Deploying, Running and Managing Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop in AWS and Azure with Citrix Workspace Cloud
Helge Klein & Aaron Parker UX and the Enterprise Desktop - Like Oil and Water
Ian Parker Tracing slow boot / slow logins the modern way
Ian Parker AWS after the hype:  Notes from the field on extending your environment into the AWS cloud.
James Lui Build an RDSH app and desktop virtualization environment in Amazon AWS
Jarian Gibson Journey into Citrix Monitoring Updates, Integration, & Customization
Jeroen van de Kamp #VDILIKEAPRO: Your ultimate VDI & Windows 10 Tuning Guide you simply cannot afford to miss
Jo Harder Printing and Other Perplexing Peripherals
Jo Harder ICA / HDX Across the Wire(less)
Ken Staples No, I'm not a spy: What you need to now about vendors, whitepapers and competitive intelligence.
Kevin Goodman Make Powershell Your Bitch
Kevin Kaminski & Tim Mangan App-V Black Belt 2016
Mike Nelson Hello NanoServer! Using Server 2016's Mini-Me OS
Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen Why Web Browsing is Killing your VDI Performance and Costing You Big $$$!
Peter Daalmans Intune, ConfigMgr, or both? Choose the right tool for the job to manage Windows 10!
Peter Daalmans Secure your data and apps with the Enterprise Mobility Suite
Randy Groves Virtualized GPUs are now an option for VDI and DaaS! Now What do I do...?
Rick Dehlinger Wading into 'the Cloud' with Citrix Workspace Cloud
Ron Oglesby Application Layering, how it works, where to use it, and where it's going.
Ruben Spruijt & Jeroen van de Kamp CTOs Perspective on the Workspace in 2020 - force awakens
Samim Erdogan DaaS in 2016: Time to ditch your on-premises VDI deployment?
Sean Massey Make Your Life Easier: Save Time and Effort by Automating VMware Horizon
Shawn Bass IoT:  Can we move past the Internet of Toys to the Internet of Things please?
Shawn Bass Internet Browser Compatibility Redeux
Simon Townsend & Jon Wallace Securing your mobile devices is the least of your worries! - The Desktop is under attack and Windows 10 can help 
Steve Greenberg & Ruben Sprujit Storage Virtualization 2016: The Straight Facts
Theresa Miller & Jarian Gibson The Secret Sauce for Implementing Outlook with Acceptable Performance within Desktop Virtualization
Tim Mangan Inside the OS:  Windows 10 Edition
Tim Mangan The Future of Computing: 2016
Tim Mangan App-V In the Box, What Now?


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