Announcing BriForum 2006 Dates and Registration

I’m happy to announce that we have selected dates for BriForum 2006 and that registration is now open. BriForum will be three days, from April 10-12, 2006.

I’m happy to announce that we have selected dates for BriForum 2006 and that registration is now open. BriForum will be three days, from April 10-12, 2006. It’s being held at The National Press Club in the center of downtown Washington, DC.

BriForum is an independent technical conference for Citrix, Terminal Server, and server-based computing experts. For 2006 we’re gathering about 20 experts from around the world who will talk, mingle, discuss, and spar with 500 attendees about all sorts of technical topics.

This is not your “standard” conference. Much like everything I’ve done on the website, BriForum was built from the ground up to be different, independent, real-world, and technical. All of the presenters are experts in their particular topic area. There will be no sales and marketing fluff—just hard core technical sessions.

If you were one of the 250 people who attended last year’s BriForum (99% of which checked “I would definitely come again next year” on their surveys) then you’ll be pleased that we’ve made several improvements for this year. (Even though BriForum 2005 was so great!)

BriForum 2006 Improvements over last year:

  • The conference has been lengthened to three days, since we really couldn’t fit everything we wanted to into the two days last year.
  • There is no time limit to individual technical sessions. Last year’s sessions were all limited to 50 minutes, and some presenters couldn’t really go as deep into their topics as they wanted to. This year we’re working with the presenters to let them take as much time as they need, so if three hours are needed to really dig into how policies can be used to lock down the desktop, then we’ll allow three hours for that topic.
  • Less PowerPoint. More actual experience. Last year’s event was very technical and fresh, but many sessions were still based around PowerPoint. This year we are building a large technical infrastructure of servers for the show, and the presenters will be able to provide hands on instruction for what they’re doing. So instead of just telling you how you can tear into an application with a resource hacker, we’ll show you.
  • The conference will be in the heart of downtown Washington DC instead of a suburb. (But don’t worry—it’s still a cool venue and not some boring hotel ballroom.)

Of course all the great elements of BriForum 2005 will be carried forward to BriForum 2006. We will video record all of the sessions, so you will be able to download videos of sessions that you could not attend. (Attendees are provided with free download access to all videos and MP3s of all sessions. People who don’t attend will be able to buy a DVD online about a month after the show.) WiFi access will be provided throughout the venue if you want to bring your laptop.

What will we talk about at BriForum 2006? This is the community's conference, so you tell me! We're planning a lot of great technical topics, such as:

  • Understanding and troubleshooting Citrix's virtual memory optimization
  • A head-to-head bandwidth comparison between RDP and ICA
  • The results of our study of Terminal Server security and desktop lockdown
  • Understanding and troubleshooting the Citrix logon process
  • Best practices for policy and user environment management in today's world.
  • Understanding and troubleshooting seamless windows
  • A detailed workshop of Citrix Access Gateway and Smart Access policies
  • The future of Citrix and server-based computing
  • A preview of Citrix's "Ohio" version of Presentation Server
  • An introduction to Citrix scripting for people who have never scripted before
  • A head-to-head round-up of all the various server-based computing products (Citrix, Propalms, Provision, Jetro, Thinworx, Graph-on, DAT, and 2X)
  • A discussion, demo, and preview of Longhorn terminal services
  • Best practices for printing in today's world: CPS 4 and the third-party tools
  • 64-bit Windows and Citrix performance gains
  • Large farm design with multi-site failover
  • How to design Citrix farms for high availability and multiple element failures
  • Digging into the Citrix licensing service: tweaks and scalability settings
  • Customizing Web Interface 4
  • Understanding the new engineering in Citrix Presentation Server 4
  • Troubleshooting Terminal Server performance
  • Enterprise reporting that's actually useful
  • Deploying and managing applications to Citrix and Terminal Servers

More details about BriForum are available at Registration is now open, and if you register before the end of 2005 the conference price is only $695.00. (This is one of the cheapest conferences around because it’s hosted by us, not some huge money-hungry vendor that needs a fatter bottom line.)

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Just like last year, I already can't go because of the dates (they are pretty much the same as before)
This is excellent news. I was at the event last year and it was nothing less than advertised. The sessions were great (although, sometimes too short), the venue was awesome and the people were great. Can;t wait until this years event and I have already submitted the paperwork.

This is excellent news. Last year's conference was nothing short of excellent. See everyone there...
I might be interested in this rather than iForum...
oh, that would be ssooooooooooooooo nice :) I would do pretty much anything to be there if it was in Australia :)
I've been to many iForums (although, sadly, not this year), and BriForum pretty much blew it away last year. The speakers aren't hung up on party lines, and the only people pushing products are the sponsors that help make the event possible.


There's no "Ra-Ra" sessions, and the only bullshit you get is the good natured bar talk at the kickoff party.


I'm already angling to go this year.
Please can we have a BriForum in Europe
In response to the poster who was looking for a BriForum in Europe, I think there's already been plans laid for that. But even without that, there's still the wonderful Pubforum in Europe ( Twice a year in a variety of different European cities. I'll be attending the PubForum in Nice, Fr on Nov 4-6.