An introduction to Mac management vendor Addigy, who just got into MDM for iOS

The Apple management action continues!

I first became aware of Mac management vendor Addigy last December when I had a call with CEO Jason Dettbarn and mentioned them in our Friday Notebook.

Addigy is private and self-funded, and they were started a few years ago when the founders saw a need for a nimble, cloud-based Mac management provider. They combine MDM and agent-based management for macOS, and support the Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program.

This week, Addigy announced support for iOS and tvOS, the variant of iOS that runs Apple TVs. Since they have an MDM stack in place for macOS, this is a logical extension.

They already have customers using their new iOS features to manage corporate iPads in a variety of scenarios--think workers out in the field or on a factory floor, where enterprise tablets really are doing well. Apple TVs are becoming common in conference rooms and classrooms in Mac-centric organizations, so there’s a need for management there, too. On the iPhone side, they’re finding that their customers are mostly interested in the basics of mobile management for now.

I’ve mentioned plenty of times in the last year or two that there’s a lot of pent up demand for Mac management in the enterprise, and plenty of corresponding vendor activity. For their part, Addigy says they grew their business 10-fold in the last year.

They also noted that beside enterprise and education customers, they have a lot of MSP customers serving organizations that don’t have in-house macOS expertise. (Addigy has multi-tenant and role-based access control features that help with MSP use cases, too.)

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