AirWatch Connect 2015 is going on now—here's everything you need to know (Updated)

AirWatch Connect 2015 is taking place this week in Atlanta, and I'm here onsite covering it along with my TechTarget colleague Ramin Edmond.

AirWatch Connect 2015 is taking place this week in Atlanta, and I’m here onsite covering it along with my TechTarget colleague Ramin Edmond.

What to expect

With VMworld just three weeks ago and significant announcements earlier this summer, we already have a fairly complete picture of how VMware and AirWatch will embrace the future of end user computing.

Some of the most interesting recent announcements include VMware Identity Manager and VMware Project A². VMware Identity Manager combines identity and access management for both desktop and mobile applications. Project A² will combine AirWatch MDM for physical Windows 10 computers with VMware AppVolumes desktop application management.

What new things will we learn about this week at Connect? While mobility and end user computing got a nice 30-minute slot during the Day 2 keynote back at VMworld, Connect will obviously bring a crop of new mobile-specific announcements. (Last year certainly did.)

I used to wonder if Connect would ever get merged into VMworld, but actually I’m glad they’re separate—all the mobile people, conversations, and announcements would get lost there. There are also many more mobile ISVs and partners here than there were at VMworld.

Watch out for more updates throughout the week. I’m going to attempt my first ever live blog of a keynote later today; there will be other vendor announcements to cover; and on Thursday we’ll do a wrap up and analysis podcast with special guest Brian Katz.

Day 1 Keynote

Check out the keynote live blog here.

Day 1 Announcements

As mentioned in the keynote, AirWatch announced several new initiatives on Tuesday:

The Privacy First Program, to clearly define to users of managed devices what IT can and cannot control and see on their personal devices.

Updates to the core AirWatch platform. They highlighted their support of Windows 10, Classic Windows Apps (through AppVolumes), and Azure Active Directory integration. The AirWatch platform now also supports iBeacons (enabling more precise location-based policies).

The Mobile Security Alliance, which provides a standard way for security vendors to integrate with the AirWatch platform (and thus make it possible to build automatic security policies). The Mobile Security Alliance includes device, app, and network-based security vendors. It will be interesting to see if this will lead to more "general practice" ideas about how to do mobile security, as today there is little consensus about the best way to do mobile security.

Their are now 44 vendors in the App Config for Enterprise program, and that now includes SAP. SAP will integrate Concur and SuccessFactors apps with ACE. ACE is a great program because it's a truly open standard—any other MDM vendor that has successfully implemented all the iOS and Android for Work APIs can take advantage of it, too. We didn't hear much about other types of mobile app management in the keynote or announcements on Tuesday though, so I'll ask them about it in my briefings on Wednesday.

VMware has new reselling agreements with Samsung. VMware will resell Knox Workspace. (I'll ask them today what this really means. It looks like you'll just be able to buy the $3 or $4 Knox license from VMware, but there could be more to it.) Samsung Business Services will also be able to resell AirWatch.

Day 2 Keynote

The second keynote will focus on future roadmaps. You can find my live blog here.


Brian Katz joined Gabe and me for an AirWatch Connect wrap up podcast.

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