Absolute Manage, long known for Mac management, was just re-released by Heat Software as Heat LANrev

Yesterday Heat Software re-released Absolute Manage as Heat LANrev. You might be wondering who Heat is and what they're doing with Absolute Manage.

Yesterday Heat Software re-released Absolute Manage as Heat LANrev.

You might be wondering who Heat is and what they’re doing with Absolute Manage. Indeed, this harkens back to a few years ago when EMM product launches and acquisitions were happening on a near weekly basis.

Here’s what’s going on:

Absolute Manage, by Absolute Software, has always had a good presence in the Mac OS X management space. Besides OS X, Absolute Manage can also support Windows, iOS, and Android.

Last September, Heat Software bought Absolute Manage (as well as another product, Absolute Service, an IT service management and helpdesk product) from Absolute Software. Absolute Software still exists on its own, and is concentrating on its Persistence endpoint tracking and security products.

Heat Software was formed in February 2015 when investment firm Clearlake Capital acquired FrontRange Solutions and merged it with Lumension, which it also owned. Frontrange offered IT service management software, integrated with client management software (including EMM).  Lumension was an endpoint security and patch management vendor.

So now Heat Software is made up of FrontRange, Lumension, and Absolute Manage (and Absolute Service), and provides IT service management combined with unified endpoint management.

The idea is that by combining service management and endpoint management, operations can be more efficient. And the idea of unified endpoint management is picking up steam, too. (I just wrote about it for TechTarget’s Modern Mobility magazine.)

But this also brings up the classic question of broad platforms versus best of breed products. (I’ve raised similar issues before.) Heat Software’s EMM doesn’t cover as many scenarios as more sophisticated EMM products—for example, it’s missing advanced mobile app management support. On the other hand, there's a segment of companies that will be fine with this, and that’s good for Heat.

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