A sneak peak at Feature Pack 1 for Presentation Server 4.5

The feature release is back! Well, kind of.

The feature release is back! Well, kind of... On the upcoming 21st of September, Citrix is planning on releasing something called Feature Pack 1 for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5. This Feature Pack adds some band-new features to Presentation Server 4.5. In this article we’ll be having a sneak peak at what Feature Pack 1 is all about.

What’s in a name?

I think that it’s safe to say that Citrix isn’t the most stable company when it comes to the names for the versions of their product. I mean, we went from Winframe, to Citrix Metaframe 1.8, to Metaframe XP 1.0, to Metaframe Presentation server 3.0 to Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 to Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.

This confusion about the naming of some of the products isn’t just limited to the .0 product versions of Presentation Server. Just as Citrix did in the Metaframe XP’s timeframe with their Feature Releases, Citrix is also planning on releasing feature enhancements to Citrix Presentation Server 4.5. This time around it’s called Feature Pack 1.

Feature Pack 1 vs. Rollup Pack 1

A couple of weeks ago Citrix released HRP1 (Hotfix Rollup Pack 1) for Presentation Server 4.5. This also contained some added functionality. So what’s the difference between Feature Pack 1 and Hotfix Rollup Pack 1? Well, it’s kind of hard to tell. The easiest way to put it is that HRP1 set the stage for Feature Pack 1. For example it had some licensing hotfixes and Access Management Console extensions to prepare CPS 4.5 for the added features of Feature Pack 1.

The Goodies

OK, enough about that. Let’s get to what’s really important: the new features in Feature Pack 1. When you look at the feature set of Feature Pack 1, there are two big brand-new features and a lot of smaller new features and some enhancements to existing functionality. Let me give you a run down on the most important stuff:


To me the most important new feature in Feature Pack 1. The name SmartAuditor might not ring a bell but I bet you Project IRIS does. SmartAuditor is the production release of Project IRIS. This new feature in Feature Pack 1 allows for the recording of ICA sessions. Using the familiar management tools you can select which sessions should be recorded based on Server, User or Published Application. This allows for very specific control of what sessions should be recorded.

Since Project IRIS was around in October 2004 one would that Citrix has had enough time to “finish” it. Well, it does indeed look like they did. Smart Auditor packs advanced features like digitally signing recordings (tamper proofing recordings) and adding important metadata to the recordings which you can then use to find a particular recording. Think about metadata like user name, client name, client IP, Published application name, session duration etc.

Note that the entire sessions is recorded from the moment you hit the server. Now this poses somewhat of a challenge. The server is only able to determine whether or not your session needs to be recorded after you hit the server. So even in the most perfect scenario you would miss out on (the early) part of the session. No good. So Citrix solved this by, by default, recording all the sessions. It’s only after the session recording policies are checked that the recording is either stopped and discarded or just keeps being recorded.

One question that is bound to popup is the issue of storage of all these recorded sessions. Well, as it turns out it’s not that bad. Here are some example figures. For users that are extremely interactive (heavy users) an eight hour sessions would yield a video file of about 25MB. The average, less interactive user would yield a video file of about 10 MB for an eight hour sessions. So let’s say you want to record 1,000 (eight hour) sessions per day and assuming that 40% of your users are heavy users and 60% are “average” users, that would mean that you would mean about 16 GB of data per day. Want to keep a history of one month? Make that about 500GB. Is that too much? I don’t think so.

Smart Auditor does require a separate server the Smart Auditor Sever. All Presentation servers also run a Smart Auditor agent to facilitate the recording of sessions. So in terms of storage just get a BCD (Big Cheap Disk) of 600 GB and you can store quite a lot of recording.
This almost sounds too good to be true right? Well, it kind of is. Smart Auditor is only available to Platinum customers …

Easy Call

The other new feature is called EasyCall. This feature that must somewhere be the result of the collaboration between Citrix and Cisco. In a very tiny nutshell Easy Call is a software agent that uses password manager like techniques to “recognize” phone numbers in your session. You can then click the recognized phone number and the Easy Call agent will ask you if you want to dial this number. The Easy Call agent will set up a connection to a special EasyCall appliance which in turn will contact the company PBX . This PBX will then set up a connection to your phone and the number you have chosen to dial.

The cool part is that you can select any phone to be your originating phone. So it could be your mobile phone or your office phone for example. This is basic VOIP stuff actually. Using this feature you can make finding and dialing numbers a lot easier (hence the name perhaps..). You can also take advantage of least cost routing to complete your call.

The feature (the agent) also pulls phone numbers from you Active Directory for easy searching. Additionally Easy Call has a basic call history that you use to track your phone activity and redial from that list.

At some level EasyCall is probably the product of the cooperation between Citrix and Cisco, with Citrix taking care of the agent part. It makes sense: Citrix already had the password recognition technology with password manager and now leveraged it to recognize phone numbers. Supposedly the technique is pretty advanced. It can recognize phone number from almost everything: published applications, local applications, pdfs, scanned documents, web applications etc.
Depending on what the EasyCall appliance is going to cost (it's going to based on the 2010 appliance model) this looks like a nice enterprise feature and that is no coincidence. Right, you guessed it: EasyCall is only available to Platinum customers.

Licensing Changes

Another big change (or rather set of changes) is set to take place in the licensing department. Citrix calls it simplified licensing. It’s kind of hard to figure what’s changing and when this has changed (because some changes were already in HRP1 ). Anyway, here are the most important changes (as far as I can tell):

You no longer need separate licenses for the products of the Platinum Suite
So instead of having separate licenses for Presentation Server Enterprise Edition, Application streaming, Password Manager and Edgesight now you only need the new Platinum license. The Smart Access feature remains a separate license though. EasyCall and SmartAuditor will also use this new licensing.
One very important thing to note is that this new licensing will technically enforce the Platinum licensing, while this previously was not the case!

The Enterprise Edition of Presentation Server no longer requires an separate license for application streaming
That is if you upgrade Streaming Client to v1.1. Note that you still needs the same total amount of licenses, they just don’t need to be separate streaming licenses anymore.

Application Streaming and Password Manager can be used offline
If this is configured for a user, a CPS Platinum license is checked out for the duration of the offline usage ( from 2 to 365 days).

Other new features

There are also somewhat smaller new features.

New Health Packs

There will be new “Health Packs” to enhance the Health Assistant feature of Presentation server 4.5. These health packs apply to Printing, Local Host Cache, DNS, XML thread and ICA listeners.

x64 support for SecureICA

So now you can configure ICA connection encryption to 64-bit Citrix servers.

Updated Pnagent

This new PNagent adds the ability to change passwords and makes the PNagent shortcuts “real-time”. So when the PNagent has put a shortcut to C:\Program Files\ApplicationX\appx.exe in your Start Menu, now if the administrator changes that shortcut to D:\Apps you do need to login. The shortcut will launch the application form D:\Apps without the user needing to refresh the PNagent.

Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync support

Feature pack one supports Windows Mobile 5-based smart phones and PDAs and supports syncing with ActiveSync 4.x as a published application.

True COLOR ICON Support

Web Interface 4.6 already was a prelude to this but now Presentation Server itself also support true color icons. Hurray!

Password Manager 4.6

Version 4.6 adds Vista support and Multi-domain support.


Citrix has made no secret of the fact that the goal of Feature Pack 1 is to get more customers to buy or upgrade to the Platinum Edition of Presentation Server. With the addition of SmartAuditor and EasyCall to the set of features, the Platinum Edition should become a more interesting choice for more customers. Feature Pack 1 also illustrates that Citrix is making a lot of effort in making the Platinum Edition looking like one separate product instead of a suite of separate products. The licensing “simplification” is a good example of that. Feature Pack 1 for mere Enterprise or Advanced customers is a lot less exiting but still brings some nice enhancements. General availability for Feature Pack 1 for Presentation server 4.5 is slated for September 21.

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The EasyCall functionality didn't come from password manager,  it came from the Net6 acquisition.  The CAG was only part of Net6's business.

One other clarification.  Easy call does not require the customer to have implemented VOIP. It will work with most standard PBX systems as well.


To expand on this the Net6 acquisition came with 2 appliances. The CAG and the CAG. err I can see why they didn't bring them both to market at the same time :)

While Mark T was singing the praises of the Citrix Access Gateway they also were talking quietly to some customers about the Citrix Application Gateway. This product has been available either through Citrix for some systems or through the phone vendor for others. The supported platforms have been Cisco, Avaya and Nortel. This appliance has a MUCH better phonebook than Cisco, paging, text alerting, the easy call type functionality, and the ability to refactor web applications for use on the screen of a VoIP phone.

Now this (or a subset of it) is called the Citrix Communication Gateway and is used to route easy call into the phone system either over VoIP or a legacy T1 based upon model. Retail on this is only $3500 and the potential time savings for some workflows are immence.

What is still unknown is the complete feature set of the CCG. IS it the Citrix Application Gateway or is it just easy call and phone book integration?


Hi Guest,

I have to say I'm not sure. How do you know that Citrix did not use their PM technology to create the number recognition bit?


I don't know about that, CPM uses control ID's a phone number in a web page or PDF document would have to be captured by analyzing text as it is displayed and comparing it agains some patterns. Quite a different task.

Also the technology was developoed by Net6 before Citrix bought them, but that does not sound as smart :)


Here is the page for the Citrix Application Gateway (no rebranding yet, hmmm.) Very cool product but in a different space that most of us play in.



The files are available now from the product download page at www.citrix.com.


EasyCall/Communication Gateway and Application Gateway are two (completely) different products. Sure, the underlying hardware and parts of the platform might be the same, but the what is does is very different. Application Gateway is mainly used for the delivery of applications to the screens of VoIP enabled phonesets, which is obviously something quite different from what EasyCall does.


I believe that EasyCall uses a couple of different technologies, including screenscraping. Won't be surprised if you run into issues with security products on client devices. As for running it on CPS: wondering how it will impact performance (screenscraping can be quite memory intensive).

Brian, why don't you buy an appliance and do some testing for us ;-)

Man, we'd love to do some testing, but Michel wrote this, so you better hit him up :)
How about everybody stop hitting and just buying me the appliance? ;-)

Hi Rich,

I checked with Citrix. You're right. The EasyCall technology comes from Net6 and uses screenscraping but not like PM does.

I thought I said that in the first post. :o)

I see http://support.citrix.com/kb/entry.jspa?externalID=CTX113690 has CPS 4.5 with Feature Pack 1.  The interesting thing is that it has an updated date of July 27, 2007.  I would have thought that it would say September 21, 2007.

 The question I have now is whether it includes the HR01 or if you still have to apply that after the fact.


Amazing to see how Citrix not only copied all the stuff we had on RecordTS since day one but they also copied all the same descriptions we used for its features! Things like:

"Smart Auditor packs advanced features like digitally signing recordings (tamper proofing recordings) and adding important metadata to the recordings which you can then use to find a particular recording. Think about metadata like user name, client name, client IP, Published application name, session duration etc."

Amazing. Copied bit by bit. Time to see a lawyer I guess. :-)

We have had this for almost a year now. And we do not only record ICA, we record RDP as well, at the same time. Plus we work for all Presentation Server versions and we do not require any Platinum thing. :-) Whatever you have we will get it working on it.

Cláudio Rodrigues


Has this become an advertising site?

No update to the crappy console?!  We still have to use both the AMC and PSMC?   Geez!  I'd hate to see what Citrix does with Ardence, XenSource, Desktop Server integration if they can't get a simple console right.



Why would I want to record all those sessions?  I could see recording a session for training purposes or auditing purposes. I am not impressed with any of these new features.

Will Citrix please ask us what we want? The customers / partners have no say. We are continually dictated as Citrix comes up with more ways to raise prices on us.

1) We want everything to be managed in one utility - Citrix Access Management Console - Access Suite Console or whatever they are calling it.

2) We want simplified licensing. We want one license without having to carry all the previous licenses. We want all license subscription advantage synchronized to expire on the same date. How hard could this be?

3) We want unbundling. I want to choose what I want to buy. Why should I buy Enterprise version if I just want streaming Applications? I guess I'll just buy Softgrid.

4) Will you please stop all the name changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The old names are still in new products. The code writers cannot even keep up with all the marketing name changes.

5) We want a Citrix who cares about the customer and partner. Will Citrix ever ask us what we desire?

Cramer was right!!!

Who is "we"? Who do you represent? not me... I'm a customer as well.

Recording sessions a waste??

Well in the Health industry, and the LEGAL industry alone, this is well worth it.  We have a number of Banks alone, that Want this and want it yesturday. With remote users, possibly stealing sensitive data, a setup like this is important. Before we could monitor the printing , but with this, it shall allow for even more safeguards.

Simplified licensing- Well if you are living in the past that is all you. Citrix's licensing is easier than pie, it is Getting the licenses in the first place t the hard part.

Streaming APPS- You dnt need Citrix servers to stream the apps. It is just a add on. Go with the soft grid if you are unhappy. Citrix is not in the market of making 100% happy, just to make product and sell.

Namechanges- DUH, new product = new name. Get over it. 


There are ways to buy singular based solutions.

Call your Citrix rep and learn something and then post.

You can get App Streaming with out Presentation Server.  You just need to ask.

Claudio, whilst not a released product, ICA Session recording has been around for a while as Project IRIS, in my estimation about 4 years. At least two technical previews of the technology have been available.

So, I would say that while you probably got to market quicker, Citrix have had plans for this for years.

If the text you mention has been copied word for word then hey, thats probably not too fair, but I'm sure Citrix have a few patents which cover this technology going back a few years.


Only if you use Softricity. If you want to use Citrix App Streaming, you must have at least some version Presentation Server. You can buy App Streaming a la carte for PS 4.5 Advanced Edition, but having PS is still a prerequisite for a la carte licensing.

You need to buy at least Enterprise to be able to purchase add on streaming licenses

hi guys,

im a little bit confuse of the FR1.. base on the article it implies that fr1 is only applicable to PLATINUM EDD.?? im a correct?


Basic CPS improvements (such as icon support, activesync, and pnagent)  are for all editions but Smart Auditor is only a feature of Platinum
You do not need to buy Enterprise in order to get Citrix Application Streaming. A CPS 4.5 Advanced customer can buy Application Streaming a la carte. Just like they can buy Password Manager a la carte, or Access Gateway licenses a la carte, or Edgesight a la carte. SmartAuditor is the odd one, as it can NOT be bought a la carte.
Yes, but you only need a 5-user "starter pack" of Enterprise.  That gets you the management console where you publish the apps.  Then you can buy as many $60 streaming "add on" licenses as you need.  So it is already "unbundled."

Why should a CPS 4.5 Advanced customer spend additional money just to get the management console when they can just get App Streaming licenses a la carte and get the console for free? Your solution sounds like the endeavor of someone who was looking for a loophole in the licensing when it would just have been cheaper to ask your sales rep if you can do streaming without Enterprise or Platinum.

And the text is not copied, it's because of the English language both companies use, it's really similar ;-)
I only see the Platn. Edition, is there a way to get those other features or is that just the roll-up? "healthpack"
EasyCall and SmartAuditor are Platinum only. The other improvements and fixes will be available through the HRP01.
Would be a NICE idea if Citrix would AT FIRST fix the bug introduced with HFRP1 - published applications covering the taskbar. This is a real pain-in-the-***
Have you seen this http://support.citrix.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=630269&fromSearchPage=true򙷽 May help you.
Thanks, but this "Hotfix" doesn't help at all. We've switched from Propalms to Citrix to AVOID such problems (since we had big problems with Propalms).

Seems that Citrix isn't better in anyway (except printing) ... just *far* more expensive!

This sucks!


Also, find out about additional feature enhancements with this release including Vista/Office 2007 support, ICA & streaming client improvements, health assistant enhancements & multi-monitor support.


Take advantage of the new feature enhancements released in Feature Pack 1

Strengthen compliance and improve risk management with SmartAuditor technology

Provide Communication-enable applications with EasyCall technology

In fact, I am glad to read about another product in this field... the specifications are different enough, and I am looking for a product outside of our Citrix farm :-)