A quick check in with Numecent on Cloudpaging 9.1

While using Cloudpaging app virtualization alongside Windows 10 MDM can work, many Numecent customers are focused on migrating to the OS first.

Numecent is announcing the latest version of Cloudpaging, their Windows application virtualization software, so this week I had a call with Tony Hughes, Numecent’s director of solutions and partners.

Cloudpaging 9.1 has several new features, but the big ones are aimed at making it work better with non-persistent VDI. They’ve introduced shared pre-caching to speed up app deployment, and made improvements to how it roams user settings with user environment management tools. The press release has a rundown of the rest.

Since I’m interested in how app management technologies could help deal with desktop apps on MDM-managed Windows 10 devices, I brought this up with Tony. He said that they have indeed tested this—it’s possible to push the Cloudpaging player via MDM, and apps will work fine on an MDM-managed machine.

They’ve had some customers express interest in this scenario, but it’s not a use case that they're taking to market yet, as many of their customers are still more concerned with getting to Windows 10 in the first place. This is in line with how we assume this process will go—migrations first, fancy new management techniques later.

Still, as Rory Monaghan noted in his GeekOut 365 video (starting at 0:15:58), Cloudpaging has strong and flexible isolation features along with good compatibility, which to me is another indicator that Cloudpaging plus MDM is an interesting use case. I’ll be watching to see if this gets more interest down the line.

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