A complete listing of all of Citrix's current products

After walking around iForum for a few days, I realized that even I didn't know about everything Citrix made.

After walking around iForum for a few days, I realized that even I didn't know about everything Citrix made. With the help of several Citrix employees, I compiled this list. I'll keep this article up-to-date as things evolve.

Right now Citrix is divided into several main product groups, including the virtualization systems group, the application networking group, the management systems group, the advanced products group, and Citrix Online. The products made by each group are as follows:

Virtualization Systems Group 

  • Citrix Presentation Server Family
    • Citrix Presentation Server, Advanced Edition
    • Citrix Presentation Server, Enterprise Edition
    • Citrix Presentation Server, Platinum Edition
    • Citrix Access Essentials (the "small biz" version of Presentation Server)
  • Citrix Desktop Server
  • Citrix Password Manager

*Note: Citrix discontinued all Aurema products on Feb. 15, 2007. We assume that these products will be rolled into the Presentation Server family?

Management Systems Group

  • Citrix EdgeSight Family
    • EdgeSight for Presentation Server
    • EdgeSight for Endpoints
    • EdgeSight for Load Testing (the "TLoad" product acquired from ThinGenius)
    • EdgeSight for NetScaler (maybe this belongs in the Application Networking Group?)
  • Citrix Ardence Streaming Platform

Application Networking Group 

  • Citrix Access Gateway
  • Citrix NetScaler (includes the application firewall they acquired when the bought Teros)
  • WANScaler

Citrix Online

  • GoToMyPC
  • GoToAssist
  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar

Totally random products that you probably didn't know were from Citrix

Through their acquisitions over the years, Citrix still owns some completely random products that really don't fit into their overall strategy. Will they keep these products or sell them? Who knows? (And who cares?)

  • Citrix Application Gateway (acquired when they bought Net6, this is a VoIP solution that they OEM to people like Cisco and Nortel)
  • Citrix Ardence RTX (adds real-time OS extensions to the Windows)
  • Citrix Ardence ETS (a standalone real-time OS that runs on the x86 platform)
  • Citrix Ardence ReadyOn (adds "instant on" support to Windows.. used in set-top boxes and stuff) 

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There are actually 5 product groups within Citrix.  They are:

VSG - Virtualization Systems Group
MSG - Management Systems Group (Edgesight and Ardence fall here)
ANG - Application Networking Group
ASG - Advanced Solutions Group (Application Gateway and some other new projects fall here)
Citrix Online


EdgeSight and Ardence fall under the MSG group as well.

Thanks! I've updated the article.

Do you consider SmartAuditor to be a seperate product, or part of Pres Server?

EdgeSight for NetScaler definately belongs where it is under the Management Systems group.