A Timeline of Citrix MetaFrame XP Features and Updates

Believe it or not, February 2004 marks the three-year anniversary of MetaFrame XP. Citrix has kept the product up-to-date with service packs and Feature Releases.

Believe it or not, February 2004 marks the three-year anniversary of MetaFrame XP. Citrix has kept the product up-to-date with service packs and Feature Releases. However, it's sometimes hard to remember what features were introduced when. This is especially important for people who aren't running the latest Feature Releases (since you have to pay for them.)

Here's a brief look at the major features of each subsequent update to MetaFrame XP.

MetaFrame XP—Major changes from MetaFrame 1.8:

  • The IMA datastore centrally stores configuration information for all MetaFrame XP servers in a farm. Previously, this information was stored in each individual server's registry.
  • Zone data collectors replace the Citrix browser service.
  • All licensing becomes “per concurrent user.” There are no more server licenses.
  • The Citrix Management Console is introduced as a single point of administration for all farm activities.
  • SecureICA is built-in.
  • NFuse 1.51 is built in.
  • SNMP support is added.
  • Ships with ICA clients version 6.0

MetaFrame XP Feature Release 1 (FR1)

  • Content publishing (both client-to-server and server-to-client)
  • Connection control lets administrators restrict user connections on a farm-wide basis.
  • CPU prioritization by application
  • Citrix's Universal Print Driver (UPD) is introduced, supporting 300dpi monochrome only.
  • Novell's NDS is officially supported.
  • The ICA stream can now be encrypted via SSL and port 443, replacing Citrix's proprietary SecureICA.
  • Web admin console.
  • Session Monitoring Performance Counter objects are available on servers running MetaFrame XPe
  • The CMC receives minor usability improvements.
  • Extended parameter passing.
  • The PNAgent is introduced for Win32 clients.
  • NFuse 1.6
  • ICA clients version 6.2

MetaFrame XP Feature Release 2 (FR2)

  • “Delegated” administration (although it supports delegation by role, not by server, so no one really uses it.)
  • User-to-user shadowing
  • Smart card support
  • Content redirection
  • Better content publishing
  • Citrix user polices
  • More CMC enhancements
  • All components are available as MSI packages
  • IBM DB2 support for the data store
  • GUI printer management options
  • Web console enhancements (although it is still limited)
  • TLS security for ICA sessions
  • Installation Management package groups
  • Installation Management package install points
  • Resource Management Summary Database
  • ICA clients v 6.3
  • 48 hour limit moved up to 96 hours
  • NFuse 1.7
  • Citrix Secure Gateway 1.1.
  • Microsoft Operations Management (MOM) Support
  • WMI Support

MetaFrame XP Feature Release 3 (FR3)

  • Name changed to MetaFrame XP Presentation Server
  • XPs is now called XP Standard
  • XPa is now called XP Advanced
  • XPe is now called XP Enterprise
  • NFuse is now called “Web Interface”
  • Web Interface version 2.0 is introduced
  • Windows 2003 is added
  • MSDE support for the IMA data store is added
  • Universal printing (UPD) now supports 600dpi and Color
  • Automatic installation of drivers for auto created network printers
  • Speedbrowse technology speeds up HTML content browsing through ICA (when used with Internet Explorer 5.5+, Outlook, or Outlook Express)
  • The mlicense tool was added to simplify the license management and activation process.
  • PNAgent can be used on MetaFrame servers with passthrough ICA
  • The Management Console received several small usability refinements
  • Resource Management received several enhancements, including fee profiles, summary database folders and zones, and more alert and management options.
  • ICA Clients version 7.0

In looking at this, you can clearly see that FR-3 did not introduce any major new features. This is why I decided that it's not worth writing a book about FR-3. My FR-2 book is still completely relevant.

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