2018 BrianMadden.com Zeitgeist

The most-read posts of the year, plus other industry milestones!

Here’s our last bit of year-end content. Like last year, I took a look at some of the metrics behind BrianMadden.com in 2018. (For more year-end posts, see Jack’s favorites, Kyle’s favorites, and my 2019 predictions.)

Big moments for BrianMadden.com

We had some big moments this year!

  • Gabe left BrianMadden.com to go to FSLogix.
  • Brian Madden, our site’s founder, came back into the industry and joined VMware. So now we have to clarify that we’re BrianMadden.com, the site that’s part of TechTarget, and he’s Brian Madden, the person that works at VMware!
  • Kyle joined our team, and we threw him into the deep end by having him come to Citrix Synergy on his first day.
  • It’s been 15 years since BrianMadden.com became a full-time blog, and 10 years since we became a part of TechTarget.

Top 5 desktop virtualization articles

  1. Windows Server 2019: Session Host is dead! Multi-user Win10 instead? (Brian Madden, writing as freelance contributor, back in March. This was also our top article overall for the whole year.)
  2. RDmi is a milestone for the future of RDS. Here’s how it works. (Benny Tritsch and Kristin L. Griffin)
  3. Could Microsoft’s new MSIX packaging format be the long-sought key to managing Win32 apps with MDM? (Jack)
  4. Bam! Microsoft announces “Windows Virtual Desktop” on Azure with multi-user Windows 10 (Jack)
  5. Microsoft says RDSH is coming to a Server 2019 preview soon. (Update: It's back!) (Jack)

Top 5 mobility, identity, and security articles

  1. Yubikey is hot in the security space, so we tested the consumer experience (Kyle)
  2. iOS MDM needs to get better at BYOD, but Apple might make it harder (December 2018 update) (Jack)
  3. My analysis of Apple iOS 11.3 and other spring EMM updates (Jack)
  4. Apple WWDC 2018: Here are the new iOS 12 MDM features (Jack)
  5. Quick thoughts on Apple’s education event, from a real teacher (Jack)


We couldn’t have done all this without our freelance contributors. This year, we featured 36 articles from Jason Bayton, Rachel Berry, Pete Downing, Kristin L. Griffin, Jo Harder, Tim Mangan, Theresa Miller, Marius Sandbu, Melanie Seekins, David Strom, Jon Towles, Benny Tritsch, Colm Warner, Bas van Kaam, and even Brian Madden, who put together a freelance post before he joined VMware.

We’re always welcoming more contributors, so if you have strong, technically informed opinions that you’d like to share with the world (and, if you don’t work for a vendor), drop us a line!

Acquisitions, launches, exits, and transitions

  • CloudJumper acquired Independence IT
  • Citrix acquired Cedexis
  • VMware acquired E8 security
  • Simon Crosby is CTO of the newly launched SWIM.AI
  • Sumit Dhawan left VMware to become CEO of Instart Logic
  • Mark Templeton joined the advisory board for Workspot, and then became CEO of DigitalOcean
  • Ping acquired Elastic Beam
  • Centrify was acquired by Thoma Bravo
  • Tintri laid off most of their employees, then was acquired by DataDirect Networks Storage
  • Okta acquired ScaleFT
  • Nutanix acquired Frame
  • Centrify will spin out its IDaaS business into Idaptive
  • Jamf acquired NoMAD
  • BlackBerry acquired Cylance
  • Citrix acquired Sapho
  • Diane Greene left Google Cloud; so did Diane Bryant
  • Microsoft acquired FSLogix
  • Tangoe acquired MOBI
  • HCL is acquiring BigFix
  • Corel acquired Parallels

Vendors we featured for the first time

  • Google Orbitera
  • Addigy
  • Garrison
  • Foundry Athera
  • Yubikey
  • Cameyo
  • Google Cloud Identity
  • Have I Been Pwned
  • ManageEngine
  • Lookout
  • NoMAD
  • SimpleMDM
  • Wandera
  • Pixm
  • TruGrid
  • Appsulate

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