2005 Server-Based Computing Year in Review

February Citrix releases the Citrix Access Gateway. This is their hardware SSL-VPN solution that turned out to be very popular among small and medium sized businesses.



  • BriForum 2005 Conference. 2005 was the first year for our independent server-based computing conference, and it was a huge success.
  • Microsoft Releases SP1 for Windows Server 2003. Service Pack 1 adds several new features to Terminal Server, including univeral print driver support and policy-based license server configuration.
  • Citrix drops the name “MetaFrame.” The product formerly known as "MetaFrame" is hereinafter called "Citrix Presentation Server," or "CPS."
  • Presentation Server 4 is released. While still based on the same architecture as previous versions, PS4 adds several new features, including EMF-based printing, memory and CPU management, and Application Isolation Environments. Web Interface and Citrix Secure Gateway also get major upgrades.


  • Sun buys Tarantella. This mainly happened for Tarantella's enterprise products, and we later learned that Sun / Tarantella licensed (with the intent to fully sell) their Terminal Server products to a company called "ProPalms" as part of this deal.


  • Citrix buys Netscaler. No one in our industry had really heard of NetScaler before the acquisition, and a lot of people wondered how NetScaler would fit into Citrix's overall strategy. We found out in October.



  • We learn the real details of Longhorn Terminal Server. Microsoft confirms that Terminal Server will receive several major new features when Longhorn Server is released in 2007 or so. Such features include seamless windows, published applications, an RDP over SSL gateway, and a web interface.


  • Citrix announces their new strategy. At iForum, Citrix announced a three-pronged approach to managing applications. They would provide infrastructure software that can be used for all types of application--client/server (via Presentation Server), web (via NetScaler), and desktop (via desktop streaming software that they will develop in the future).
  • Citrix announces Project Constellation. Project Constellation is a codename for a set of technologies that Citrix is researching that will enhance Presentation Server in the Longhorn timeframe. Constellation technologies include autonomic load balancing, server health checking, and user experience monitoring and management.
  • Citrix releases Presentation Server for 64-bit Windows. I'm really excited about this, although it will be a little while before this really catches on. The important takeaway here is that now Presentation Server on 64-bit Windows is a reality.

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