2004, Quantified

Since I run my own company, I get to make my own technology designs. One of those decisions is that we are paperless and 100% digital.

Since I run my own company, I get to make my own technology designs. One of those decisions is that we are paperless and 100% digital. One of the upsides of this is that it's easy to pull stats about my life over the past year.

But how does one quantify one's life? I personally hope that the contributions I've made have been for the good of the community-at-large. Then again, there are also much more concrete ways to quantify what we do. Specifically, in 2004:

  • I wrote 118 articles
  • I published 31 articles from other people
  • I posted 367 times to my forum helping other people.

(This was all 100% free and available to anyone who wants it.)

  • I received 13,180 legitimate emails.
  • I received 350,000 spam emails (I use server-side bayesien filtering from GFI)
  • I spent 10,145 minutes on my mobile phone.

My Website

  • In January we were getting 400 human visitors per day
  • By December we were getting 3500 human visitors per day (for 300,000 page views by humans per month)
  • Total human visitors in 2004: 564,800 (1.67 million page views by humans)
  • User forums went live in May, and by the end of the year we had 4500 posts
  • Our two webservers pumped out 370 GB of HTTP traffic

My Travel

  • I taught eight 5-day classes (80 students total), spoke at six conferences, and lead one webcast.
  • I spent 22 weeks on the road (12 of them outside the US). I spoke or taught in nine countries. (England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Holland, and the US)
  • I picked up 85,000 frequent flyer miles and enough Amex membership rewards points to get a flat screen HDTV.
  • I was entertained by great people throughout the world and threw up from drinking five times (four of them with Australians).
  • I took 1290 pictures on my digital camera (I printed zero of them)

Thankfully I made enough money to pay my bills and I enjoyed myself enough to want to do it again in 2005.


What's on the book for 2005

  • BriForum
  • Teaching Classes
  • Training DVDs
  • VMware Book
  • MPS 4 book
  • New Site Framework
  • Hacker Challenge
  • Travel to Japan and Hong Kong

Happy New Year!

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I think it's quite an accomplishment to do and actually write that much in just 1 year!
Man, how do you do it!?

I would be very interested in Training DVD's. When do you think they would be ready?

The hacker challange is a great idea to prove Windows Server 2003 actually can be heavily secured.
I bet it won't be compromised.
I have no idea on the training DVDs. Right now I have them on my schedule to start working on them in May, but I bet they won't be out until September-ish.

As for the hacker challenge, you have a lot of faith! I bet it won't last a week. The hacker challenge stuff is pretty much ready to go, and I think I'll get it launched in the next few weeks.
what a year.
I wonder how do you track your time hanging on the mobile?
All the best for 2005.
Thanks. My mobile phone has a feature that tracks the time I spend, so I just pulled the number from there. It breaks it down to the second, so this number is actually lower than the totals on my bills since each call on the bill is rounded up to the minute.


I was one of the 80 students who joined one of your classes, it was worth every dollar!

Nice statistics :o)

Best Regards Henrik, Denmark

Hi Brian,

When will the books be released? (ETA)