15 Must-Read Spring Books for IT Pros

I'm a big proponent of the saying that knowledge is power. I spend alot of my time reading books and educating myself on what is going on in the IT industry and in business in general.

I'm a big proponent of the saying that knowledge is power.  I spend alot of my time reading books and educating myself on what is going on in the IT industry and in business in general.  I have a library full of books that range from Six Sigma for Dummies to Handbook of Financial Analysis, Forecasting, and Modeling.  I have books that cover management, sales, and technical references like the Advanced Concepts guide for Citrix, Access Gateway Enterprise Edition 8.0 Admin guide, just to name a few.  So to say that I'm a book worm, would be true.  My industry colleague Jeff Muir from Citrix did a great series on Good to Great by Jim Collins.

I was reading some articles over at CIO Insight and I noticed the list of 15 must-read books for Spring.  I have some of these and I can say that this is a pretty good list.  There are some snoozers in there, but for the most part they are all good reads.  As I talked about in a past post, one way for you to get from IT-Business alignment to IT-Business integration is to understand how the company makes money.  One book that I will highly recommend is Financial Intelligence for IT Professionals; What you really need to know about the numbers.

Here is the list:

  1. Total Leadership
  2. Change the Way You Lead Change
  3. The No-Complaining Rule
  4. Talent on Demand
  5. Divide or Conquer
  6. The Business-Oriented CIO
  7. Relevance
  8. The New Age of Innovation
  9. Offshore Outsourcing of IT Work
  10. Invisible Engines
  11. IT Compliance and Controls
  12. Groundswell
  13. The Game-Changer
  14. Operational Risk Management
  15. Financial Intelligence for IT Pros

Here you can read it from the source.


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I'd reccomend "Getting Real" by 37 signals.  While its main focus is on devolping and deploying web applications, much of the same concepts can be used for business in general and they can also be applied to your personal life.  Best part is that it is under 200 pages.

 see here:  http://gettingreal.37signals.com


Crossing the Chasm

Love is The Killer App

Marketing High Technology (old I know but good)


The Future of Management

Strategy Maps

The Strategy-Focused Organization

Making Innovation Work

Competing on Analytics

The Back of the Napkin


One of the favs NOT on my bookshelf but should be is Ron Oglesby et al's new VMWare ATDG. I guess after being promised it for VMWorld last year, we can write this book - and it's authors - off as a total non-event. It's absolutely disgusting the way this has been promised and not delivered. Oglesby won't answer e-mail, Herrold has no idea what's happening according to an e-mail a month or so ago and poor GlassHouse Technologies wonder why I keep e-mailing them asking for an update.


Very not impressed !! 


Based on the fact that the "Good to Great" posts had not been collected together in one place, I have built a post that pulls them together.  If you go to the link above for "Good to Great" you will only get whatever the latest post is.

Please visit http://citrixblogger.org/2008/05/27/good-to-great-finale/


That was an AWESOME series you did.  Thanks for putting that up here.